Priority Pass公布其年度亚太区最佳机场贵宾室 | Priority Pass Asia Pacific Airport Lounge of the Year Winner Revealed
Priority Pass公布其年度亚太区最佳机场贵宾室 | Priority Pass Asia Pacific Airport Lounge of the Year Winner Revealed

知名机场体验计划 Priority Pass™ 公布了其全球最佳机场贵宾室年度奖的获奖者。泰国素万那普国际机场的 Miracle First Class Lounge 获选为年度亚太区最佳机场贵宾室。
Priority Pass™, the original and market-leading airport experiences programme, has revealed the winners of its Global Airport Lounge of the Year Awards. Miracle First Class Lounge at Thailand Suvarnabhumi International was named Asia Pacific Airport Lounge of the Year.

最佳机场贵宾室奖已踏入第14个年头,以52000名 Priority Pass 会员的评分为基准,旨在表彰提供最佳服务、体验、茶点和商务设施的机场贵宾室。Priority Pass 的贵宾室网络不断扩大,单去年已增长了10%,现覆盖全球超过143个国家500多个城市逾1,200间贵宾室。
Into its 14th year, the awards are based on the ratings of 52,000 Priority Pass Members and recognise airport lounges offering the best service, experience, refreshments and business facilities. By continuously expanding its lounge network, Priority Pass’ lounge portfolio has grown by 10% in the last year and now incorporates over 1,200 lounges in more than 500 cities globally, across 143 countries.

Miracle First Class Lounge 位于曼谷素万那普机场的国际航班 D 大厅,采用现代美学设计,泰式风格的艺术品随处可见,宽敞的布局中摆放着时尚舒适的家具。开放式厨房对宾客而言很有吸引力,展示了将要供应的食物,令人眼花缭乱。为了随时满足旅客的需求,Miracle 每天24小时提供新鲜烹饪的食物,包括热腾腾的午餐和晚餐以及节日的特别菜单。该贵宾室真正设身处地为旅客着想,提供周到的旅游体验。
Located in International Concourse D of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, Miracle First Class Lounge is designed with a modern, contemporary aesthetic with touches of Thai in the artwork and stylish, comfortable furniture in a spacious layout. The open kitchen is a live attraction for guests, showcasing a hypnotising preview of the food that is about to be served. To cater for passengers at all times, Miracle offers freshly cooked food 24 hours a day, with hot meals for lunch and dinner as well as special menus on festive holidays. The lounge truly puts itself in its customers’ shoes to deliver a thoughtful travel experience.

Miracle 总裁 Dr. Aswin Ingkakul 表示:“很荣幸能成为今年最佳机场贵宾室奖的亚太区获奖者。我们努力对所有进入我们贵宾室的旅客给予热烈欢迎,无论他们是经过还是离开泰国。我们提供体贴周到和令人愉悦的服务,全面提升旅客的机场体验。我们将通过不断听取旅客的意见来努力追求卓越,这些意见反馈有助我们在所有服务和设施中都能对旅客关怀备至。”
Dr. Aswin Ingkakul, President at Miracle says: “It is an honour to be named as the Asia Pacific winner of this year’s Global Airport Lounge of the Year Awards. We endeavour to offer everyone who enters our lounge a warm welcome, whether transiting or leaving Thailand. Our hosts deliver attentive, engaging service which enhances the overall airport experience of the travellers’ journey. We will strive for excellence by consistently listening to the customers’ feedback which supports the delivery of care in all our services and facilities.

新加坡樟宜机场第3航站楼的 SATS Premier Lounge 亦荣膺“强烈推荐”奖。该贵宾室采用开放式概念设计,充足的自然光透过落地窗照射进来,停在空侧的飞机尽收眼底,蔚为壮观。另一项值得注意的特色是每月都举办不同活动,为飞行常客每次旅游带来令人耳目一新的体验。曾举办的活动包括暑假的冰淇淋盛宴,还有粽子节,让旅客品尝荷叶包裹的热腾腾的糯米美食。
Runner-up for Asia Pacific, SATS Premier Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 took home the ‘Highly Commended’ award. This lounge features an open-concept design which allows an abundance of natural light to shine through ceiling-height windows, offering a remarkable view of planes parked at the airside. Another noteworthy feature is the curated monthly activities and events offering frequent returning guests a refreshing experience each time they travel. Past events include an ice-cream feast during the summer holidays and a rice dumpling festival, allowing guests to savour steaming hot glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves.

Priority Pass 运营商 Collinson 的亚太区总裁 Todd Handcock 表示:“我们很高兴我们的会员投票选出泰国素万那普国际机场的 Miracle First Class Lounge 为亚太区的最佳机场贵宾室。这证明了该贵宾室致力于提供卓越的服务,并始终如一地拥有高水平的客户满意度。贵为全球最大的独立机场体验计划,我们致力继续与全球和亚太地区的贵宾室合作伙伴紧密合作,以提升旅行体验,满足商务和休闲旅客的需求和不断增长的期望。”
Todd Handcock, President, Asia Pacific at Collinson, operator of Priority Pass, said: “We are delighted that our members voted Miracle First Class Lounge at Thailand Suvarnabhumi International the Asia Pacific overall winner. This demonstrates the lounge’s commitment to service excellence and its consistent delivery of high levels of customer satisfaction. As the world’s largest independent airport experience programme, we continue to work closely with our lounge partners across the globe and in Asia Pacific to find ways to improve the travel experiences that meet the needs and rising expectations of both business and leisure travellers.”

Award Winners of the Year

Sala VIP International
Quito International Airport

亚太地区/Asia Pacific
Miracle First Class Lounge
泰国曼谷素万那普国际机场国际航班 D 大厅
International Concourse D
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Primeclass Riga Business Lounge
拉脱维亚里加国际机场 E 航站楼
Terminal E
Riga International Airport

非洲和中东/Africa & the Middle East
Ahlan Lounge at B
阿联酋迪拜国际机场第3航站楼 B 大厅
Terminal 3, Concourse B
Dubai International Airport
United Arab Emirates

北美/North America
Lounge 19
International Terminal 1
Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport