“Supper is not rising from the ash. When they stand there, their passion flames and energy shines already like the phoenix.”

香港著名流行乐队Supper Moment于3月11日在澳门威尼斯人®金光综艺馆带来精彩的动人演出。乐队平易近人的风格及他们所散发出的魅力和吸引力,迷倒现场一众歌迷。
Exuding charisma and star appeal, yet with a common touch that everyone at Cotai Arena could identify with, leading Hong Kong band Supper Moment put on a sensational show when they appeared at The Venetian® Macao on March 11 for Supper Moment 10th Anniversary Concert – Macao.

在Supper Moment《温柔革命》十週年演唱会-澳门站上,乐队演绎过去十年多首大热经典之作,数千名歌迷更与偶像大合唱。
Performing some of the biggest hits from their back catalogue of the past ten years, thousands of fans sang along with classic Supper Moment songs, many of which feature inspirational themes of love, following your heart and going against the flow.

Supported by bass player CK, guitarist Martin and drummer Hugh, lead vocalist and guitarist Sunny thrilled the crowd with his trademark powerful vocals, which allowed him to effortlessly cover pop, rock, and metal styles. Together the band is a performance powerhouse, delivering a superb range of delicate ballads, power pop and full-on singalongs.

在舞台上又唱又跳的Supper Moment魅力四射,让台下一众歌迷为其表演而深深著迷。他们的安可表演亦同样精彩,观众纷纷投以欢呼,反应热烈,而乐队于是次演唱会的表现绝对是可圈可点。
Throwing themselves around the stage, jumping into the air and encouraging the audience to get involved, Supper Moment’s stage presence had everyone under their spell. Their encore received a huge roar from the crowd, with the band totally owning the moment.

Supper Moment凭藉出色的创作及表演、敬业精神及庞大的忠实粉丝团而取得成功。他们更三度夺得香港歌曲流行榜冠军,而近期发行的迷你专辑《The Moment》共收录了五首作品,推出后广受乐迷欢迎及大卖,而推出的音乐影片更展示出成员们风趣幽默的一面,获歌迷过千个点讚。
Supper Moment has achieved success thanks to the quality of their writing and performing, strong work ethic and legion of faithful fans. They have topped major charts in Hong Kong three times and their most recent five-track EP, “The Moment” has had strong sales, garnering glowing reviews, while videos featuring the band’s quirky sense of humour have also been a huge hit.