© La ballade de Mulan, illustration de Clémence Pollet (HongFei, 2015)
© La ballade de Mulan, illustration de Clémence Pollet (HongFei, 2015)

克莱曼斯·波莱是一位年轻的插画师,却已经在国际舞台上崭露头角。她的作品很早便博得众人关注。她于2009 年在Rouergue 出版社出版的绘本《蓬蓬头》获得了法国蒙特伊童书沙龙的首部绘本奖。此后,她陆续出版了二十余部作品,其中相当一部分取材于东方传统及故事。克莱曼斯·波莱本人对东方文化也十分着迷。她的部分作品已在中国出版:《毛驴客栈》于2017 年6 月由凤凰阿歇特出版,一个月之后,《呀!蔬菜水果》在后浪出版,《大家一起来过河》则于2019 年在魔法象出版,此后还将出版她的另外两部作品:《木兰辞》(该书曾获得2015 年陈伯吹国际儿童文学奖)及《孔子的一生》。
Clémence Pollet is a young illustrator who is already well established on the international scene. Her work gained recognition from the outset with the receipt of the First Book Award at the Montreuil Book Fair for Scruffy-haired Girl, published in 2009 by Rouergue Publishing. Since then, she has released about twenty books with different publishers, some of which are inspired by the Eastern traditions and stories she finds so fascinating. Many of her works are published in China, including: The Donkey Inn (2017, Hachette Phoenix), Say, How it Grows (2017, Post Wave) and Once Upon a Time (2019, Magic Elephant). The Ballad of Mulan (Chen Bochui Prize 2015) and Confucius: A Life are in the process of being translated.

Clémence Pollet will be in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu for the Croisements Festival and International Children’s Day on 1st June. A series of public meetings and workshops will be organized.

A little hair-related anecdote: nine years after her first book, Scruffy-haired Girl, Clémence Pollet illustrated The Braid, a book adapted from the novel by Laetitia Colombani, who was herself a guest of the 2019 Francophonie Festival!

Dialogue with Picture Book Illustrator Clémence Pollet
15:00 – 17:00, Saturday, 1st June
Fuguang Bookstore
Store 1-17, NO.98 Jianji Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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