A video-concert for the rediscovery of a magnificent royal ballet

At the age of 15, His Majest Louis XIV danced in this magnificent piece in the Salle du Petit-Bourbon at the Louvre Palace in Paris. Featuring the idea of a ballet within a ballet, the piece lasted 12 hours. Through five veilles, the whole universe of the night is being rolled out until the rise of dawn, which announces the unequalled glimmer of the Sun King.

The best artists at the time from France and Italy were commissioned by Mazarin to create a unique piece which narrated young Louise XIV’s becoming of the ‘Sun God’, thus boasting of the superior status of the French Monarchy, acting as a political statement.

The premiere was such a success that seven other performances were given. Its reputation was inscribed in popular memory during the entire reign of Louis XIV. However, the score is only partly transcribed 50 years later by the King’s librarian, which leaves the largest part of the ballet’s music unknown to future generations. In the present day, the music has been rediscovered by the music director of Correspondances, Sebastien Dauce, who has re-constructed the piece after 3 years of indulging into its research and work. The ballet’s revival was widely celebrated in 2015 at the Festival de Saintes/Royal Opera of Versailles and other respective celebrations, once again bringing the ‘lost’ ballet back to life. With this Concert, the dazzling artistic cultural policy of the “century of Louis XIV” was launched!
首演非常成功,接着又演了七场。它在路易十四72年的整个统治期都享有崇高声誉,给人留下深刻印象。然而,乐谱只有一小部份在50年后被皇家图书管理员转录,而大部份则不知所踪。现在,近400年后它被歌斯邦当乐团的音乐总监多塞重新发现了。经过三年的潜心研究,多塞重构了这部作品。 2015年,圣特音乐节和凡尔赛宫皇家歌剧院的演出,庆祝了它的复兴,「失传的」芭蕾舞剧终于得到重生!

To deliver an exclusive artistic feast for Zhuhai, Sebastien Dauce, artistic director and conductor of Ensemble Correspondances commissioned French video artist Etienne Guiol creates a light projection based on the iconography of costumed, marquetry, as well as the work of art from the 17th century. Onto the screen behind the orchestra, they enabe us all to travel back to one of the most marvellous spectacles of King Louis XIV’s reign.


Ensemble Correspondances & Sebastien Dauce

Correspondances, founded in Lyon in 2009, is a music ensemble comprising of singers and instrumentalists that mainly performs 17th century scared music. Taking its name and inspiration from the poetry of Baudelaire, Correspondances, whose artistic director Sebastien Dauce has passion for discovering hidden music, forges close links between music and other arts.

The Ensemble has recorded 7 CDs which received several distinctions from the specialized press and had performed at leading French and foreign concert halls and festivals.

Sebastien Dauce is a talented harpsichordist and organist who has studied music alongside renowned musician Yves Rechsteiner at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique in Lyon. Dauce has recently been made associate artist at the Foundation Royaumont.


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Date (and time):May 9th, 20:00
Venue:Mozart Concert Hall,Zhuhai Huafa&CPAA Grand Theatre
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“消失的乐章” —— 夜之皇家音乐会

时间:2017年5月9日 20:00
地点:华发中演大剧院 莫扎特音乐厅
票价:VVIP680 VIP580 380 280 180
电话:400-888-6845 / 0756-6805522 / 0756-6805533

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