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据悉,2018年4月2日,法国科考帆船Tara号抵达中国,首站停靠于厦门,此次中国之行将持续至4月10日。科考船Tara于2016年5月28日从法国起航,截至目前已航行了6万公里,并完成了原定“2016-2018 Tara太平洋科考项目”10万公里行程的大半,对气候变化对珊瑚礁生存状态的影响进行了全新而系统的研究。
The French scientific research schooner Tara has started its China visit from 2nd April to 10th April, 2018. The Tara Expedition started since 28th May in 2016 and Tara has since then travelled 60,000 miles which is more than half way of the total 100,000 miles of the “Tara Pacific Expedition 2016-2018” before its arrival to the city of Xiamen in China. The interdisciplinary team of scientists aboard examines in a new way the biodiversity of coral reefs and their evolution in response to climate change and human activities.

During Tara’s stopover in Xia’men, the Tara Expedition Foundation will take the opportunity to meet with young children and teenagers. Many school visits are planned to help with educating children of the richness of our ocean as well as to raise the awareness of the urgency to protect marine ecological environment.

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