DB: 请问您会怎么描述您的商店所销售的衣服? How would you describe the clothes you sell at your shop?

Every piece of clothing here is hand embroidered with indigo fabric. Each item has its own soul and value. All of them are dark so they can be matched in any way.

DB: 您的经历是如何影响您的设计的? How has your background influenced your creations?

I love anything which expresses an attitude, including handicrafts. The power of national belief inside me is big, so I love to study and research anything with attitudes and try to combine them into my creations.

DB: 当您在设计的时候,您心里会有特定的模特吗? Do you design with a particular audience in mind?

I don’t have a particular audience in my mind. It is about a feeling, an emotion and they are positive. Clothes from each series are different. The clothing I design represent myself. We are in the process of exploring and developing this world, so every time I express myself it is based on cognition about myself and the world.

DB: 在设计过程中最有挑战性的是什么? What is the most challenging element of the design process?

Manual technology can be a part of the challenge. The bigger challenge for me is to get new ideas by designing clothes continuously. Being shocked and baptised in values and outlook, my philosophy might be more relaxed and real. That would be a greater challenge.

DB: 请问您是从哪里学习经商之道的? Where did you learn your trade?

I got to know some bosses in the clothing business and I learnt my trade from chatting with them. I also go to markets very often, so I try to do my own business.

DB: 我们的读者可以去哪里购买您设计的衣服呢? Where can our readers buy your clothes?

At present, my business has just started. Clients can only buy my clothes online and in physical stores. (The physical stores are “Yu Rou Shou Zuo” in No.1 foreign trade street in Shekou, Shenzhen and “Lan Yin Gong Fang” in the third floor of Dreams-on in Nanshang).

DB: 对于您的生意,您的未来构想是什么? What are your goals for the future of your business?

I hope my stores can not only spread throughout China, but also all over the world. I am interested in owning a shop on Amazon, but for now I am not able to do that. What I want to do is not only about clothes, but also about the attitudes expressed through the clothes. This will be the way I express my love.