领事团参观考察中德人才培训基地 | Site inspection at the Sino-German Vocational Training Center

On 13th – 14th April, 2018, the Consul Generals and Officials from 19 countries came to Zhongshan city to attend the 4th Tour of Consular Corps in Zhongshan. On the evening of 13th April, the deputy mayor of Zhongshan city, Mr. Lei Yuelong warmly received the Consular Corps delegation group.

中山市副市长雷岳龙 | Mr. Lei Yuelong, deputy mayor of Zhongshan city

During the opening speech by deputy mayor Mr. Lei Yuelong, he highlighted Zhongshan as a city where entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. The construction of a series of major transportation infrastructures such as the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Tunnel, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Shenzhen-Maoming High Speed Rail will bring more development dividends to the city of Zhongshan. Zhongshan will pay close attention to the historic development opportunities in the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, and strive to build itself as a support point for the integration of the two sides of the Pearl River, a hub city for the coastal economic zone, and an important pole city for the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area. He hoped that through this event, he will further strengthen exchanges between Zhongshan city and consulate generals in Guangdong, to deepen cooperation, and conduct more extensive exchanges in economy, trade, education, and culture.

驻穗领团团长、老挝驻穗总领事本班 | The head of the delegation, Mr. Bounpan Kongnhinsayaseng, Consul General of the Republic of Laos

The head of the delegation, Mr. Bounpan Kongnhinsayaseng, Consul General of the Republic of Laos, mentioned in his speech that this was his third time participating in the activities of Consular Corps in Zhongshan with each time a new experience. He was very grateful to the Zhongshan Municiple Government and the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Zhongshan City for their meticulous arrangements and let him deeply feel the beauty of the city of Zhongshan.

During the tour, the consul generals visited the town of DiYin Lake, inspected sites of the Sino-German Vocational Training Center and the Zhongshan Project by the Lausanne Hotel Management Institute, and went to Guzhen Town to learn more about the development of the Zhongshan lighting industry.

德国驻广州总领事馆总领事冯马丁参观考察中德人才培训基地 | With Mr. Martin Fleischer, Consul General of Germany in Guangzhou at Sino-German Vocational Training Center

At the Sino-German Vocational Training Center, Mr. Martin Fleischer, Consul General of Germany in Guangzhou, praised the construction efficiency of the Center. “The Center is built so well in such a short time. I would like to come back with my colleagues from consulate next time to inspect and show them the Sino-German cooperation projects and the urban construction in Zhongshan city.”

The Zhongshan project by the Lausanne Hotel Management Institute on the shores of DiYin Lake was successfully cooperation between Zhongshan city and the Swiss Consulate General in Guangzhou on “China-Switzerland Friendship Day” last year. Consular officials admired that such an excellent project can be settled at the picturesque DiYin Lake, which reflects the superior position of Zhongshan city in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area.

领事团考察古镇灯饰 | Site inspection at Guzhen Town

在古镇星光联盟全球品牌灯饰中心,科威特驻穗总领事马利克·瓦赞(Malek Alwazzan)向大家自豪地介绍到,他在科威特家中及广州领事官邸的灯饰全部都是从古镇镇采购的,而且还经常介绍科威特的商务代表团到古镇买灯,是古镇灯饰名副其实的“忠实粉丝”。
At the Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center in Guzhen Town, Mr. Malek Alwazzan, Consul General of Kuwait, proudly explained that the lighting in his Kuwaiti home and the consular offices in Guangzhou were all purchased from Guzhen Town. The Kuwaiti business delegations are also often introduced to buy lights in Guzhen town. Mr. Alwazzan is a true fan of Guzhen lighting.

The Tour of Consular Corps in Zhongshan, is an annual event organized by the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Zhongshan City. The tour of this year is the fourth session. Through planning a “spotlight visit” tour route every year, the event has attracted many consular officials in Guangzhou to visit Zhongshan each year to experience Zhongshan city, and to light “sparks of cooperation” with other countries during the event to further promote the exchange and cooperation with Zhongshan.