世界旅游组织与Sommet Education通过“酒店业挑战赛”授予30项奖学金 | UNWTO and Sommet Education Offer 30 Scholarships Through
世界旅游组织与Sommet Education通过“酒店业挑战赛”授予30项奖学金 | UNWTO and Sommet Education Offer 30 Scholarships Through "Hospitality Challenge"

世界旅游组织与森梅教育集团携手合作,共同发起一项具有创新意义的酒店业挑战赛。这一举措将会为世界一流的教育项目授予 30 项奖学金,用于支持酒店行业的奋斗者、转业者、企业家和创新者,助力他们的个人成长及其项目发展,以此帮助推动旅游业的复苏。
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has partnered with Sommet Education for an innovative Hospitality Challenge. The initiative will grant 30 scholarships for world class education programmes and support career climbers and switchers, entrepreneurs and innovators develop themselves and their projects and so help drive tourism’s recovery.

2019 冠状病毒 疫情使全球的旅游业陷入停滞状态。如今,随着旅游业逐渐复苏,本次挑战赛旨在寻找那些能够加快旅游业复苏同时促进行业包容性和可持续发展的创意和个人,从而创造未来的酒店业。比赛的评选标准包括突破性、项目成熟度和实施潜力,以及可行性、可扩展性、数字化程度、可持续性和对投资商的吸引力。
Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought tourism to a standstill. Now, as the sector restarts, this competition is designed to identify ideas and individuals capable of accelerating recovery while promoting inclusivity and sustainability in the sector to invent the hospitality of tomorrow. Selection criteria include the degree of disruptiveness, project maturity and potential for implementation, as well as viability, scalability, digitalization, sustainability, and the potential to attract the interest of investors.

* 豪华旅行、商品与服务
* 酒店以及酒店相关运营:小型到中型酒店、家族酒店
* 餐饮:餐厅、餐饮服务、送货服务和零售业
* 智能房地产:小型到中型房地产及家族企业

The competition will focus on four different categories:
* Luxury travels, goods and services
* Hotels and hotel related operations: small to medium sized properties, family businesses
* Food and Beverage: restaurants, catering, delivery services and retail
* Smart Real Estate: small to medium sized properties and family businesses

世界旅游组织秘书长 Zurab Pololikashvili 表示:“旅游业为数百万人提供就业机会。旅游业提供了机会、权利和平等待遇,受益者包括妇女、年轻人和居住在农村地区的居民。在旅游业复苏之际,我们也恰好可以重新思考酒店业的发展并且寻找和实施新的想法, 让行业更具包容性和可持续性。世界旅游组织的酒店业挑战赛定能实现这一目标。”
UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: “The tourism sector is a source of employment for many millions. Jobs in tourism provide opportunity, empowerment and equality, including for women, youth and people living in rural communities. As we restart tourism, the time is right to rethink hospitality, and to identify and implement new ideas to make the sector more inclusive and sustainable. The UNWTO Hospitality Challenge will do just this.”

森梅教育集团的首席执行官 Benoit-Etienne Domenget 补充道,“此次危机给我们提供了一个调和长期以来相互对立世界观的机会 — 这种世界观的对立让我们无法塑造未来的酒店业。我们坚信,教育是创造更友好世界的基础。授予奖学金可以帮助具有创新观点的人才加速个人发展、为他们的愿景提供支持并推动酒店业变革,进而推动酒店业经济的复苏。”
Benoit-Etienne Domenget, Chief Executive Officer at Sommet Education added: “This crisis presents us with an opportunity to reconcile visions of the world that have been too long opposed to invent the hospitality of tomorrow. We believe education is the foundation of a more hospitable world. Offering scholarships is a contribution to the recovery of the hospitality economy, by accelerating the personal development of talented people with creative views, supporting their vision and revamp hospitality.”

本次挑战赛现已开启,将于八月底结束。国际化的评选委员会由投资商、企业家、来自世界旅游组织的成员、附属成员和战略合作伙伴的专家,以及来自 森梅教育集团的代表组成,他们将选出 30 名最终入围者。
The competition is open now and will close at the end of August. A Selection Committee made up of an international network of investors, entrepreneurs and experts from UNWTO Member, Affiliate Members and strategic allies, as well as from representatives of Sommet Education, will then choose 30 finalists.

这 30 名最终入围的选手将有资格获得酒店、烹饪和西点管理领域 15 个不同项目的全额奖学金(涵盖学士、硕士和MBA项目),奖学金由 森梅教育集团旗下的世界一流学术机构提供:包括格里昂酒店管理高等教育学院(瑞士校区和伦敦校区)、理诺士国际酒店管理学院(瑞士克莱恩·蒙塔纳校区和西班牙马贝拉校区)和法国杜卡斯学院。
The 30 finalists will be eligible for full scholarships in 15 different programmes in Hospitality, Culinary and Pastry Arts Management, (Bachelors, Masters, MBAs) offered in the world-class academic institutions of Sommet Education: Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland and London, Les Roches Crans-Montana in Switzerland, Les Roches Marbella in Spain and École Ducasse in France.

在这 30 名获胜者中,最具创新性的三个创业项目将获得资助,用于支持项目的初期发展。这些项目将获得全球领先的投资集团 Eurazeo 的资助,森梅教育集团也是该集团的投资目标。这将会为前三名的获胜者提供更多的成功机会。
Among the 30 winners, the top three most innovative entrepreneurial projects will be granted funding to support their initial development. These projects will be funded by Eurazeo, leading global investment group from which Sommet Education is a portfolio Company. This will offer the three winners even more chances of success for their projects.

Hospitality Challenge