Kaloumba an exhibition you can treat as a game

2019第24届法语活动月正式启动! 2019 Mois De La Francophonie Kicks Start!
四位热爱游戏和创作的伙伴在2002年创立了卡隆巴团队,卡隆巴团队希望通过探索和发展全世界各地的传统游戏来传递团结和文化传播的精神,这些游戏将会使用再生木材制作,为大家带来丰富的游戏体验。 | Launched in 2002 by four people with a passion for games and encounters, Kaloumba’s process of solidarity and cultural exchange involves exploring traditional games of all eras from around the world. These games are then recreated from reclaimed wood and placed in an already well-stocked games library.