Do you have backaches after working for a long time? Or lack strength when it is cold and rainy outside and just want to sleep?

Then it is worth visiting this wonderful place in Zhuhai – Great Me Thai Therapy! People who have gone to Great Me Thai Therapy say it brings them back to full energy!

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Located in the East Business Center of Jida Jingshan Road, Xiangzhou area, Zhuhai, Great Me Thai Therapy is the first Thai Therapy in Zhuhai and it has been open for two years.

There is an antique Thai gong on the first floor. The way people beat the gong indicates their mood, and they will receive good luck when they beat the gong three times.

The floor is carpeted so that people don’t make any noise when walking through the room. The quiet environment, peaceful and elegant music, and fresh fragrance enable people to relax.

Go up to the second floor and you will see the unique scenery. Bamboo curtains blocks the sun and protects you from the chaos of the outside world. Veils over your head create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. You cannot help but suspect that you are not in Zhuhai!

Warm-colored light drives away the winter coldness; gently lighting your whole body. You may feel no need to wear makeup anymore. A variety of comfortable seats are available for you. Come and enjoy Thai Therapy!

Thai massage is called “passive yoga” and “two-way yoga”, because the therapists will use their hands, arms, feet and body weight, accompanied by the breathing rhythm of the guests, to stretch their body. During the massage, the guests will be extremely relaxed as their body, mind and soul are liberated.

Great Me Thai Therapy is characterised by its Thai massage, which is learned from professional teachers in Thailand. Even the skilled therapists need to keep training in order to improve their massage techniques.

Now they have launched a new package,[Traditional Banana Leaf and Herbal therapy], along with the exclusive preferential:
Buying the new package [Traditional Banana Leaf and Herbal therapy], and you get a free Thai steam and Hydrotherapy.




Introduction to Traditional Banana Leaf and Herbal therapy:
Total Treatment Time: 45 minutes. Thai palms are pressed on the front of the body for 15 minutes (wrapped with banana leaf) + Thai palm press on the back and head massage for 20 minutes (wrapped with banana leaf) + Thai stretch for 10 minutes
1, The traditional Thai therapy helps to eliminate swelling, relieve muscles and reduces pain, as well as helping to excrete toxins from the body.
2, Banana leaf and Thai herbs are heated by the steam to a certain temperature, so when you’re lying on the banana leaf, every cell of your body will be activated and thus further excrete toxins and relieve muscle pain.
3, The therapy ends with the Thai stretch, which enhances the flexibility of the body.

總時長60分鐘:45分鐘的泰式濕蒸泡浴Thai steam and Hydrotherapy
+15分鐘的泰草藥磨砂體膜Thai Herbal scrub and body mask


Introduction to Thai steam and Hydrotherapy:
Total treatment time: 60 minutes. Thai steam and Hydrotherapy for 45 minutes+Thai Herbal scrub and body mask for 15 minutes.
1, Thai herbs are the major ingredients for Thai steam. Warm water slowly relaxes the body and eliminates all of your coldness and tiredness.
2, During the Hydrotherapy, your body will be pressed by water from all directions. You can enjoy both a comfortable bath and the spa massage.
3, With the fresh and pleasant fragrance, Thai herbal scrub and body mask helps to remove rough skin, moisturizing and smoothing your skin.

After the treatment is finished, you can also enjoy the Delight Spa Cuisine, which provides you with rose tea, lemongrass tea, pea flowers tea, roselle tea, stevia tea, baelfruit tea, blue rice crisp, jasmine rice crisp, banana stone, panda leaf chicken, Thai fish cake etc.

By the way, please drink plenty of water after the end of treatment so that body will retain moisture and function normally.

Zhuhai is a very comfortable city. In the evening, you can either walk alone or with friends on the romantic road, listen to the ebb and flow of the tide, talk and laugh. No one will push you to go ahead and you are free to enjoy your journey.


It is also peaceful during the day. Everything just functions well; pedestrians walk with no rush on the road, and the highway never becomes the parking lot like in other cities. When pedestrians cross the road, which doesn’t have traffic lights, the buses and cars stop moving and let them pass.

Zhuhai is such a comfortable city, which deserves to have you go again and again. And Great Me Thai Therapy is here waiting for you!

Great Me Thai Therapy, First Thai Therapy in Zhuhai
Business hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00-23:00, Friday-Sunday 11:00-24:00
Per capita consumption: ¥198
Contact number: 0756-3222036
Address: East Business Center of Jida Jingshan Road, Xiangzhou area, Zhuhai

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