Bastien Ciocca & Andrew Ho – 广州庙前冰室合伙人 – Co-owners, Hope & Sesame, Guangzhou.
DB:你从什么时候开始有了开 ‘庙前冰室’ 的想法?它的理念是什么?When did you come up with the idea of opening ‘Hope and Sesame’ and what is the concept?

We visited a house in a unique area of Guangzhou, the old rich military area. This location was very quiet and deserted at night that the idea came to hide a bar within it. We recreated a local Chinese dessert restaurant and ‘Hope and Sesame’ was born! We opened a cocktail bar because we identified that there was a need for good cocktails in Guangzhou. People of Guangzhou are really sophisticated in terms of cocktail and food knowledge and they have high standards and know what is good. However, there are few good options available to them in Guangzhou. We are a progressive cocktail bar serving tons of homemade concoctions which highlights local ingredients.

DB:听闻你曾在学院酒吧进修学习你的调酒技术 ,在那里有发生过什么有趣的故事吗?News has it that you learned your cocktail-making skills at Le Berceau des Sens, is there any interesting story to share during your learning?

我当时在Rodolphe Sorel的指导下接受调酒训练,他在调酒领域十分有才,曾是英国的一位调酒冠军。我随后亦担任了两年的瑞士调酒协会副主席并有机会游历各地,会见调酒业的各色人物。
I was trained by Rodolphe Sorel, he has been the UK bartender champion in the past and a very talented bartender. I was vice president of the Swiss bartender association (SBU) during two years and had the chance to travel and meet many people from the industry.

DB:作为一名鸡尾酒特调师和爱好者,你一定去过世上不少的酒吧汲取灵感,能谈谈你最喜欢的是哪间?为什么?As a cocktail maker and lover, you must have visited many different bars across the world, which is your favorite one and why?

我一直欣赏伦敦的这间White Lyan酒吧。他们从来不用易变质的调料,甚至不需要冰去制作鸡尾酒。而苏黎世Kronenhall的Peter Roht是位常年驻守于此的出色调酒师,将这里点缀得非同一般。
I have been very impressed by White Lyan, in London, where they don’t use any perishable ingredients, not even ice to make cocktails, the Kronenhall in Zurich with the amazing Peter Roht and his uncountable years working in the superb place.

DB:‘庙前冰室’与其他小酒馆不同,尤其表现在装潢和地理位置上,这是为什么呢?Hope and Sesame are different from other regular speakeasies in terms of its decoration and location, why is that?

Hope & Sesame is a modern speakeasy cocktail bar located in the quaint neighborhood of DongshanKou, which used to be the military stronghold of Guangzhou and where the rich and power lived. It has a rich culture and we wanted to open a bar which suits our neighborhood, hence a cocktail bar hidden inside a Chinese cafe which blends into its surroundings. The decoration inside the bar is modern Chinese with another hidden door leading to a secret jazz room where we have live jazz music nightly.

DB:‘庙前冰室’最出名的莫过于其鸡尾酒了,如果让你推荐一位性感的女士喝上一杯鸡尾酒,你会为她准备什么?为什么选择它?We know Hope & Sesame can make nothing but fabulous cocktail drinks. If you are to recommend a drink for a sexy lady, what would it be and why?

If I were to recommend a drink for a sexy lady, it would definitely be one of our more delicious cocktails consisting of a very fragrant and floral Spanish gin, blood orange, artichoke liqueur, orange liqueur and lime juice. This drink is simply called “Blood Orange” where we really want to highlight the main ingredient we use and simplify the whole “cocktail-choosing” dilemma for many customers.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘庙前冰室’?Where can we get more information about Hope & Sesame?

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