程勇生, 广州易悦精英创始人兼首席执行官-Cheng Yongsheng, Founder & CEO, Yi Yue APP, Guangzhou.
DB: 在创立“易悦”之前,您曾是世纪佳缘创业团队的一员,当时你对“创业”两字的最大感悟是什么? Before you created “Yi Yue” APP, you were one of the entrepreneur team members in Jiayuan.com, what was your biggest impression about “entrepreneurship”?

A successful business can’t be accomplished in an action. Entrepreneurship is not just icing on the cake, but more of problem-solving and providing timely resolutions. That makes entrepreneurship meaningful. Even if you have a lower starting point when you start your business, you can’t expect it to be successful soon, because there is no shortcut. Being overhasty may generate no profits but harm to your business. Thus, your company will go downhill in the long-run. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a business, for instance, ‘is your team ready or not’; or ‘can you seize the right opportunity’.

DB: 离开世纪佳缘后,你怎么想到“精英社交圈”这一个概念,并为此创立了一个专属的APP? After leaving Jiayuan.com, you started your “Yi Yue” APP. How did you come up with the concept of “Elite Club” for your APP?

Due to the first entrepreneurship experience in Jiayuan.com, I think I did much better this time. I like the Chinese character “Yue” very much, which means happiness, joy and calmness. This represents a philosophy of life. People don’t just have the need of making friends, they can exchange hobbies, business, networks and proceed a mutual learning. Most importantly, they can do all of this right in“Yi Yue”App. I hope “Yi Yue” can provide young entrepreneurs and enterprisers with a platform to share thoughts and communicate together.

DB: “易悦”所提倡的理念和它为用户提供的服务与内容有什么联系? What is the relationship between the concept that “Yi Yue” advocates and its corresponding service for the users?

易悦APP创办于2015年7月,是国内领先的精英社交平台。我们平台拥有60 余万注册认证会员,汇聚了国内外精品活动、主题派对、个性化定制服务等,并且通过线上运营与线下活动相结合,满足用户需求,打造最受欢迎的精英社交平台。
“Yi Yue” App was founded in July 2015. It is the first social online platform in China that targets at elite circles. We have more than 600,000 registered members with various domestic and overseas activities, events and personalised services available. The platform combines online operation and offline activities, which meets users’ demands and becomes one of the most popular social platforms among elites.

DB: “年轻创业家”、“成功的事业”及“幸福的家庭”,在众多人眼中,这些标签俨然让你成为了一名人生赢家。在创业的过程中,您曾遇到过工作与家人难以平衡的处境吗? A young entrepreneur, a successful career and a happy family, you have it all. In the course of building your career, what challenges did you encounter when striking a balance between work and family?

Yes. In the course of starting my career, I felt that I owed too much to my family, but meanwhile, I felt lucky to have my family because of their great supports. The love I have for my family will never change. The best reward to my family is to do my job well. I want what has cost me more valuable and rewarding to me and my family. Whatever I do, I will do it with my full passion. If I want to achieve something, I will take up all the responsibilities and devote all my time and energy that should be invested in my family in doing it. I will also do the same for my parents, my wife, my children and my colleagues.

DB: 纵观今日,越来越多大学毕业生满怀热血,选择了创业这条道路,尤其是互联网创业。对此,您有什么看法或建议吗? More and more Chinese graduates nowadays are passionate and determined to start up their own business, especially in the Internet industry. How do you think of that, and what suggestions can you offer to those petite entrepreneurs?

In fact, every entrepreneur is a dreamer with great expectations when they start their business. Those who experienced the process of building up a business know how hard it will be. Every entrepreneur has endless sleepless nights. I think my biggest advantage during this process is my optimism. Those who are weak inside will eventually fail. Entrepreneurship is not something trendy for people. It is a long and lonely journey, even nobody can help you in the hardest time. A great victory is meant to be suffering.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘易悦精英’ ?Where can we get more information about ‘Yi Yue APP’’ or your own platform?

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