As part of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment, we invite you to a journey where city meets nature.

For 5 years, Patrick Chu has been devoted to his 12-hectare farm, located in Baiyun. He follows an environmentally friendly approach, also known as “sustainable agriculture”: Patrick does not use any pesticides or harmful chemicals for our planet. Organic waste is reused in compost or mulch
五年来,位于广州白云区,朱先生把全部精力都用在了他12公顷的农场上。他遵循着尊敬自然环境的理念,同时也叫“合理农业”: 在他的土地上,不会使用农药,也会避免有害物质。有机垃圾会被重新使用变成化肥或者覆盖地面的褥草。

He grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables including figs (seedlings imported from Turkey and the United States), rice, cucumbers, eggplants, broccoli, maize, squash, green vegetables, etc.

Patrick also breeds hens, which are fed with organic figs.
The butterflies and the bees are a good sign of a farm free of pesticides and chemical agents harmful to the environment.
朱先生也养殖鸡, 用种植的无花果来喂养鸡。蝴蝶和蜜蜂的存在标志着对环境有害的杀虫剂和药剂的消失。

This outing is an opportunity for young and old alike to roll up your sleeves and pitch in: a planting session awaits you! A real “return to the roots” experience, back to the Nature, to discover or rediscover how a seed will become food in our plates! Enjoy this outdoor activity with a Lunch in a Traditional Countryside restaurant!
这次参观体验将会给大人与小孩们提供与大自然亲密接触的机会: 一次回归大自然的体验等着您!快来亲手採摘新鲜的蔬果、学习栽种蔬菜,感受当一次有机农夫探索或重新领悟种子变换成盘中食物的旅程。来享受自然环境与一顿天然的午餐!

Event Information
Sunday 24th September – 9AM to 3PM
9月24日周日 早上9点至下午3点
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