Clemens Hoerth-广州文华东方酒店总经理-General Manager, Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou
DB:珠三角创意&创新盛典是一场激动人心的盛会,广州文华东方酒店在其中扮演了何种角色?DCIC is such an exciting event, what is the role of Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou in this event?

酒店开业至今,我们与解放先生及他创办的三角铃和珠三 角纵横平台已经合作了很长的时间。这是一个合作互利的 伙伴关系。当他提及要创办一个创意奖项,我们当然想要 参与其中,使酒店获益。

We have been working together with Mr. Verdun of Delta Bridges and his organisation since the grand opening of the hotel a few years ago. Since then we have enjoyed a neutral and beneficial partnership. When he developed this idea of a creative award, we certainly wanted to participate and to profit.
DB:您如何看到在珠三角地区推广创意和创新的重要性?What do you think of the importance to promote innovation and creativity in the Pearl River Delta?

创意和创新十分重要,尤其要在商业活动中取得成功。例 如,在广州文华东方酒店,我们鼓励两者,创意和创新。 近段时间,先进的科技装备能帮助企业运转得更顺畅和快 速,但这也带来了更大的挑战。因此,和其他很多企业一 样,广州文华东方酒店也致力于将更多的创意带到酒店中 来,在服务表现层面带入更多的新意。文华东方酒店集团 尤其重视创新,一直将创新作为提升企业产能的重要手段。 我们建议其他企业也能更多的支持创新。

These two aspects are absolutely important and they are incredibly crucial for the success of a business. For example, in our hotel we encourage both, innovation and creativity. In recent times, the advancement of technology has helped businesses run smoother and faster, but with this brings greater competition. So we–like so many others–are interested in bringing innovation into our company to bring something special to our performance levels. Our company, in particularly, has always considered innovation as a method so we can achieve the best results. This is of the utmost importance to support innovation and we highly recommend others to do so too.

DB:您如何看待当前中国酒店行业的创意和创新趋势?What do you think of the creativity and innovation in today’s hotel industry in China?

我在广州已经有将近4年的时间,在这段时间里,我对我 的所见所闻注入了很多的思考。中国酒店行业和旅游业的 发展是极其惊人的,这不仅仅体现在了酒店的突出设计上, 还体现在了不断融合中西差异的服务行业的增长和文化的 发展上。酒店行业服务水平的巨大提升和理念的进步是值 得肯定和相信的。与此同时,科技,社交媒体和数字营销 为酒店行业带来了巨大的影响。以广州文华东方酒店为例, 我们积极利用微信及其他社交平台。这些平台于我们极其 重要,因为我们通过这些平台获得了大量的客户反馈。社 交媒体对个人的日常生活带来了巨大的影响,尤其是我们 的客户群体。这也为酒店提升服务,有针对性的满足客户 需求带来了机遇。聆听客户的声音,是我们能够快速和更 好的了解到市场的动态。这些理念需要被更多的利用起来, 因为中国现在正是创新行业的前沿地。

I have been in China for approximately 4 and half years now and I think of what I have seen in this period of time. The growth of the hotel business and tourism industry has been amazing. The outstanding design of the hotels in China is remarkable, and with this is the impressive service industry and culture, which has evolved to fit both Chinese and Western lifestyle. This evolution of service is a great development and a concept that should be firmly believed in. As well as this, IT, Social Media and Digital Marketing have influenced the Hospitality Industry immensely. In our hotel for example, we use WeChat and all the other social platforms that are available. These platforms are of great importance because this is how we receive a lot of our feedback from customers. Social Media has had a dramatic influence on everyday life, in particularly on our customer’s lives. They represent a great opportunity for hotels to constantly improve and develop to meet specific needs. Listening and observing the customers’ points-of-view is essential because it gives us, as a company, a better understanding of what is happening within the current consumer market. Finally, these concepts need to be used appropriately, especially here in China, because it is here that is at the forefront of the innovation industry.