David Tai, Co-founder, Bee+
DB: You started this company with your friend back at university, how far do you see it expanding in China and abroad?
Bee+珠海 Zhuhai:
珠海市高新区南方软件园 // D4 Southern Software Park, Software Road 1, Tangjia

We started this space last year in March, and in August we are about to have three spaces in three different cities [Zhuhai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen]. China’s market is growing extraordinarily fast, and the co-working industry is in its beginning stage. As more people are seeking a workplace that is cool and fun, we can see there is a lot of potential for growth in this industry.


Bee+广州 Guangzhou:
广州市海珠区T.I.T创意园 // Xingang397, TIT Creative industry zone, Haizhu
Bee+深圳 Shenzhen:
深圳市南山区G&G创意社区 // G&G Creative Community, No.9 Liyuan Road, Shekou
DB: You came up with the name Bee+ because you imagined all the companies working together like a beehive. Have you seen examples of this or other advantages to the co-working space?
There are tons [of examples].There was a food company here that found a PR company that was also here, and they were able to cooperate and create a finished product very quickly. We’ve also seen that in their off-time, the people [here] are becoming friends. We think it’s not only good for their businesses, but also good for their personal social lives.
DB: Is there a specific type of worker that Bee+ is looking for, or that you believe would be the most prosperous here?

Right now our space mainly targets three types of people. The first type of people is the small departments of big companies. An example is HSBC put their marketing department in WeWork’s [largest co-working space company] Co-working office space because they want their field people to work in a space like that to give them the chance to talk to other companies.The second type is small and medium sized companies and their workers, who we believe will greatly benefit from the connections with the other companies here along with inspiration from our spaces environment. The third type of people is foreign companies that are in need of a convenient and very flexible rental place. With Bee+ working the front desk, any of the people that come here can focus on their work without being distracted by the unrelated tasks of maintaining the office space.

DB: Do you think the cooperative office is the future of office spaces [for those that don’t own their own office building]?

Yeah definitely. The cooperative industry is definitely the next big thing, in China and worldwide. Since people have their survival needs already satisfied, they are looking for higher needs to be fulfilled, such as spiritual and social needs. We are making a new lifestyle, where people can bring life to work.

DB: As Bee+ expands what will you, as a company, focus on the most?

We are not just building office spaces, we are building a brand. When you see a Bee+ in a city, we want people to know that they can have a comfortable and flexible office space to work in no matter where they are. As a member of Bee+, you will be able to use any Bee+ facility and will never have to worry about finding a location to do your work. When people think of a comfortable place to get work done, we want them to think of Bee+.

DB: Where can we find out more about Bee+?

官方网站 Website: www.beeplus.cc
微信公众号 WeChat Account: Beehome珠海
微博 Weibo: Beeplus蜜蜂科技