DB: 被评为欧洲地区的中国冠军企业,请问有什么感想想要分享的吗? How do you feel about your company being awarded as Chinese Champion in Europe Award?

As a representative of my company, I am very proud of this award. I would say that CITIC Telecom is a worthy winner because we have very a strong ability and great experience in the ICT solution field. We are ready to help our panel of customers to expand to Europe and China. We are very honored to receive this award.

DB: 请问可以分享一下贵公司是如何成功管理在欧洲地区的商务的吗? Would you like to share briefly about how to operate and manage your business in Europe successfully?

When expanding a business to Europe, the first thing to consider is the regulations. We know that Europe has the GDPR and very specific regulations for the industry. We had to closely study each and make sure that we fully comply. Now, regardless of whether our customer is in China or Europe, we are very familiar with these regulations and are ready to help them.

DB: 请问贵公司在全球化以及大数据快速发展的环境下有什么未来的规划吗? What will be your next step in terms of the globalized world and rapid development of big data?

We have a 24/7 operation center based on the artificial intelligence engine. We are able to detect and protect our customers from cyberattacks. We will keep doing this for all our customers globally. We believe that we can help customers offload their management burden and save them management costs. We have our customers focusing on business development while we do the operation jobs for them. It is of great value to their business.

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