Delta Labs [破晓 DAWN] 开幕展览派对 – 艺术x音乐x体验 Vernissage party with art, music and experience

Delta Labs
艺术。音乐。体验 Art. Music. Experience

来临活动 Upcoming Event


活动细节 Event details:
时间 Time: 7pm-10pm 周六/ Sat. 2017-11-04
藏家VIP预览: 下午5点至7点
Collectors’ VIP Tour: 5pm till 7pm
地点 Venue: 乐士文化区3、4栋三楼乐观艺术馆(珠海香洲区前山岱山路70号)
3F, Building 3&4, LETS Art Gallery LETS Cultural District, Zhuhai

艺术家 Artists

陶马素 Marzo To (香港 Hong Kong)
Marzo TO graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris, France in 1991, majoring in oil painting, video and photography.

陶马素作品 Works by Marzo To

何俊彦 HE Junyan (珠海 Zhuhai)
HE Junyan graduated in l’École des beaux-arts de Paris, he works through painting, photograph, video and performance, discussing the issue of human condition, nature, history in contemporary context, he exhibited internationally.

何俊彦作品 Works by HE Junyan

José Drummond (澳门 Macau)
José Drummond,住在澳门的葡萄牙艺术家。VAFA 澳门国际艺术影像节的策展人,纽约 Transart Institut 和普利茅斯大学艺术创作硕士。活跃在电影、影像、摄影、装置艺术、表演和艺术品等多个领域。
José Drummond is a Portuguese artist and curator living in Macau. He is the director of VAFA, international video art festival in Macau. He holds an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) on Creative Practice from University of Plymouth (UK) and Transart Institute in New York. He works mainly with Film/video, Photography, Performance and Installation.

José Drummond 作品 Works by José Drummond

DJ: Alexey NuWhite

Alexey NuWhite, 黑胶唱片收藏者、制作人、Futuristika项目创始人、12英寸派对成员。他通过不同的混音方式,呈现了自己对 Techno 和 Rare Jazz 的独特视角——融合突破性的电音节拍、旋律、音乐设备于一体。他是一个Techno 音乐的真正热爱者。
Alexey NuWhite, vinyl collector, producer, founder of Futuristika project, and a resident of 12 inch Party. He showed his vision of Techno and Rare Jazz by its mix of different styles, a combination and fusion of break-oriented electronic beats, melodic lines, experimental arrangements. He is one of Techno music’s true lover.

Tasting Samples from 6 different premium F&B Vendors

门票 | Ticketing

* 出席从晚上7点至10点的开幕酒会
* 现场娱乐,艺术家交流,以及DIY工作坊
* 6家精致独特餐饮限量免费试吃(购买更多需自行付款)
RMB188 =
* Access to the exclusive vernissage event from 7pm till 10pm
* Live Entertainment, Artists and DIY Workshops
* Tasting Samples from 6 different premium F&B Vendors (then pay as you go)

优惠活动 | Special promotion
Buy One Get One Free until Sun 22nd October!

10人团票 (人民币188*10 )
RMB888 =
Group with 10 people ( RMB188*10 )

* 下午5点至7点,艺术家带领的VIP专享预览
* 与法国生蚝大师Thierry Duranton共享法式生蚝盛宴
* 高级法国红酒搭配法式生蚝
* VIP身份出席从晚上7点至10点的开幕酒会
* 现场娱乐,艺术家交流,以及DIY工作坊
* 6家精致独特餐饮免费试吃
RMB 688=
* Private tour of the exhibition with the artists from 5pm till 7pm
* French Oyster Discovery Feast with French Oyster Master Thierry Duranton
* French Wine tasting to accompany the oysters
* VIP access to the exclusive vernissage event from 7pm till 10pm
* Live Entertainment, Artists and DIY Workshops
* Tasting Samples from 6 different premium F&B Vendors

VIP门票仅限量30张! |  30 VIP tickets for sale max!

请注意,现场不售卖门票 | No tickets sold at the door!
立即购买您的门票 | Buy your ticket now!
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