The almost mystical aura that emanates from the Harcourt portraits has been captivating viewers for decades. Many celebrities at the peaks of their careers have had their image captured by Studio Harcourt. In partnership with exhibition curator, Jean Loh, French Consulate General in Guangzhou invites you to discover Francophone women in all their diversity. Actresses, singers, sportswomen, writers – the legendary studio has photographed a plethora of women from around the world. Look no further: the glitz and glamour of the red carpet awaits you. The dream is yours to touch.

The Harcourt Studio was created in Paris in 1934 by the Lacroix brothers and Cosette Harcourt. The Harcourt aesthetic has long been regarded as the touchstone of luxury and dreams. Studio Harcout’s timeless photography blends emotion and beauty; each portrait is a recognizable institution, captured in a single look.

Portraits of Francophone Women Entry Fee: RMB 10 Every Friday to Sunday March 8th – May 8th Guangzhou Museum of Contemporary Art 273 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town Tianhe District, Canton

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