FREITAG发布可充气“飞艇”ZIPPELIN包 | FREITAG Introduces Inflatable ZIPPELIN Bag to Its Collection
FREITAG发布可充气“飞艇”ZIPPELIN包 | FREITAG Introduces Inflatable ZIPPELIN Bag to Its Collection

25年来,瑞士环境友好品牌 FREITAG 遍布世界各地的粉丝们都渴望拥有一只容量大且坚固的旅行包。大约一年多前,这款由回收的卡车防水篷布制成的可充气“飞艇”包 ZIPPELIN,仅用一天的速度便在众筹网站 Kickstarter 上达标,继而全速投入生产,造就了这只与众不同、同时到家即可被轻松折叠成卷饼一样方便收纳的梦想旅行包。
For more than 25 years now, FREITAG has been using old truck tarpaulins to make robust, multifunctional bags that all look completely different from each other. And for almost as long, fans of the Zurich-based bag makers have yearned for a big, rugged, one-off travel bag they could recognize anywhere at a distance and never mistake for another at baggage reclaim, even without a label.

请不要低估将一块回收的卡车篷布改造成一只稳固的大型旅行包所需耗用的灵感!FREITAG 的产品开发人员和裁剪团队坚持不懈,构想出一个非比寻常的创意方案。这只包袋即使只装一半,也绝不超过全球航空公司的行李免费托运的限制规定。因为 F733 ZIPPELIN 不依赖典型的庞大框架或半成品外壳,而是选用 FREITAG 最喜欢的自行车内胎来“定型”,只需要使用标准泵进行充气即可,同时可以快速简单地更换拉链。
The flash of inspiration it took to transform a limp old piece of truck tarp into a stable, large-format travel bag that, even only half-full, wouldn’t exceed the free baggage limit imposed by the world’s airlines took its time coming. The solution FREITAG’s product developers and prototype cutters hit on is as unusual as it’s compelling. Because it isn’t based on some bulky frame-like container or semi-finished shell, but actually comes from FREITAG’s favorite means of transport. Hidden away inside the F733 ZIPPELIN is a common-or-garden bicycle inner tube you can inflate with a standard pump and, thanks to the zip, replace quickly and simply.

F733 ZIPPELIN 就是这样一款可以自由滚动、坚固、适合长途跋涉的旅行包,同时不存在存储负担(即使家里没有阁楼或酒窖也不成问题)。当假期结束,放出包内空气时,这只容量达 85 升的包才真正显示出它的伟大:只要把它卷起来,它在衣橱中所占用的空间就跟您在免税店购买的两瓶酒所占的地方差不多。
It makes the F733 ZIPPELIN a light, tough long-haul one-off on skateboard ball-bearing rollers and at the same time solves the storage problem facing luggage owners without an attic or cellar to call their own. Because when your vacation’s over and you let out the air, the 85-liter bag shows its true greatness. Rolled up, the F733 ZIPPELIN takes up no more space in your closet than the two liters of booze you bought at duty-free.

 购买信息 | Where Can I Buy It? 
FREITAG全球唯一官方订购网站可直接购买,或至FREITAG官方网上商店及指定线下门店选购。目前亚洲地区仅在以下国家售卖: 东京  曼谷  清迈
Purchase directly from the FREITAG’s only official website: Or from FREITAG official online stores and local stores. Currently, F733 ZIPPELIN is only available in the following cities in Asia:  Tokyo ,  Bangkok ,  Chiang Mai .