Marco Santaniello, Graphic Pop Artist

Marco Santaniello是一名国际平面设计师,专注于流行艺术。他出生在科森扎,位于意大利南部。Marco获得了传播学学士学位。他的数字艺术印刷在画布上,并在世界各地的画廊展出。Marco在巴西的阿雷格里港、韩国汉城和中国义乌作代表,正尽可能多地寻求世界各地的代表。他还参加了台北的艺术博览会,他在台北生活了近2年。
Marco Santaniello is an international graphic artist that specialises in Pop Art. Born in Cosenza, South Italy, Marco has a degree in Science of Communication. His digital art is printed on canvases which he has exhibited in galleries worldwide. Marco has representations in Porto Alegre in Brazil, Seoul in South Korea and Yiwu in China, and is seeking as many representations around the world as possible. He also partook in art fairs in Taipei where he lived for almost 2 years.

艺术家可以在他们的作品中传达信息。如果您有想要传达的理念,您希望通过作品传达什么?Artist can project a message within their work. What philosophies do you wish to convey through yours, if you have any?

Well, sometimes artworks are just artworks and do not always have a message or purpose. I, however, do have few strong points that I display within my work. Firstly, we as humans are basically the same and should be open to one another. There should be no boundaries nor differences of any kind held towards any human being. Additionally, if people stopped looking at their phones all the time and pay attention, they would be able to see that there is beauty everywhere. Also, in a society that pushes you to conform and to be a consumer, being yourself is the hardest thing you can do. But we should always push ourselves to do this.

Your work incorporates daring colours and encapsulates the culture of pop art. Why did you choose pop art as your preferred medium?

I did not really choose it on purpose, it just grew on me. Usually when you hear of pop art, you think of the same famous artists, but my idea of pop art is “popular” art: easy to understand for all walks of life. As an artist I am also always available to talk to and I keep in touch with people that buy or appreciate what I do.

我知道您在伦敦、巴黎和米兰举办过街头时装秀,并且设计了自己的服装系列。时装和艺术行业展示了您什么样的个性和自我表现?I understand that you have organised street fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan, and have designed your own clothing line. What have the industries of fashion and art shown you about individuality and self-expression?

That is now part of my past, that was the very beginning of my creative process. Nowadays I think that fashion and art do not really have a lot in common. Both worlds are heading towards a business tag style which I find rather annoying.

How do you try to push social boundaries through your sometimes satirical pieces of art? Why do you believe it is important to do this?

I think that mass media, technology, large corporations and institutions try to make people live like zombies which limits our self expression. I try to stop this by waking them up with funny yet meaningful artworks. It is very important to push social and political boundaries in art; and this is exactly what my satirical artworks do. Also I believe technology is making people more emotionally distant and afraid of one another. Wake up please!

除了您自己的创意之外,您还有从其他艺术家中得到灵感吗?Apart from your own creative ideas, are there any other artists that you have taken inspiration from?

我开始是对Andy Warhol’s的流行艺术有感觉的,但这并没有持续多久——在纽约生活了3年之后,通过接触认识他的人,我了解了他一切,之后我就不再关心他了。这些天来,我完全专注于艺术和生活方式,就像我一步步地突破了我的艺术世界。我的目标是为全世界的观众展示我的作品,这就是为什么我活得像环球旅行一样。现在,我唯一的灵感来自于我自己和我对自己的生活和旅行的记录。
I started to have feelings for Andy Warhol’s pop art, but this did not last long – after living 3 years in New York and learning more about what he stood for by getting in touch with people that knew him I stopped caring for him after a while. These days, I am totally focused on my way of art and my life as I break through the art world step by step. I aim to showcase my work for an audience that spans worldwide, which is why I live like a globe trotter. In present days, the only inspirations I take are from myself and from what my brain records during my own life and travels.

在中国您去过哪些城市,中国文化、时尚和建筑的是否有影响您的工作?Which cities in China have you visited, and has the Chinese culture, fashion and architecture impacted your work in any way?

Despite China having some bureaucratic ideals I find irritating, I must say China is the best country I have ever experienced. The people, places and history, it all amazes me. I lived in Beijing, where I had a solo exhibition in in the 798 Art District in 2015 and I was lucky enough to see the beautiful city of Shanghai. I also just had my first Museum Solo exhibition in the Yiwu City Museum from May to June of this year. Wherever I go, I always try to absorb as much life experience as possible. So now I will always have a part of China’s heart inside of me. I cannot wait to explore more cities and start art projects all over the Asian continent in future years.

最后,到目前为止,在你的职业生涯中什么是您觉得最值得骄傲的时刻?Finally, what has been your proudest moment in your career so far?

My first solo exhibition took place in 2013 at the Chelsea Art District in Manhattan, New York. The year 2015 allowed me work in Seoul, Daejeon, Porto Alegre and Beijing where I partook in four solo exhibitions. I then collaborated with worldwide fashion brand Belstaff in Milan in 2016, and this year I have had my first solo museum exhibition in Yiwu. My pop art is now part of two museums: Yiwu City Museum and and MACRS, a contemporary art museum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Recognition of my work increases by the year, and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

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