Howard A Klooster - 佛山 & 香港旗舰资本任事股东- Admirals Capital, Managing Partner, Foshan & Hong Kong.
DB: 旗舰资本的核心关注点是什么?What is the main focus of Admirals Capital?
We connect Chinese Investors for overseas projects, which mainly focuses on The Netherlands. We are experienced in the Dutch market concerning the projects and we know the mentality of the people and companies there.

DB: 旗舰资本与其他投资顾问有限公司相比有什么优势? What are the advantages of Admirals Capital over other investment consultant company?

We have done business with Chinese people and Chinese companies for over 25 years. This explains the advantage of Admirals Capital. Living in Foshan for 12 years made me understand more about Chinese culture and I have witnessed the development of this city and its companies.

DB:你曾经任职于许多大公司。你如何把你之前的工作经验运用于现在的旗舰资本呢?You used to work for many big companies. How do you manage to apply your previous work experiences to what you do now with Admirals Capital?

Working for such multinational companies as Philips and Electrolux has many advantages, for example, I can go visit universities and attend many company courses. The knowledge I have learned there enhances my global mindsets and makes me act local. So far “local” means China in my eyes and now it is my market!

DB:你身兼数职:旗舰资本业务顾问和创始人,PI项目顾问委员会成员和荷兰自由民主党中国部主席,哪个身份对你近期的影响比较大?You wear several hats: the Co-founder and business consultant in Admirals Capital, the advisory board member in PI works and the Chairman China in VVD. Which one influences you the most currently?

You forget one hat – the Chairman of International Business of the Hong Kong General Chamber for Wines and Spirits. This position and the Chairman VVD China (Dutch Liberal party for Freedom and Democracy) are for social functions. It helps me to get a huge social network and my company benefits a lot from it for surviving. The participation of Admirals Capital in Dr.Muller Forever Young light Spa’s and other companies influences my daily activities the most.

DB: 你如何看待中国投资者走向全球开展更多的业务合作?How do you think of the future market of Chinese investors going global for more business cooperation?

In China, the investment culture is short-term oriented, just like gambling, which makes people go for high-risk investments with a higher reward. But in Europe and USA, there is another culture, which is a long-term vision. The reward is lower and the risk is lower too. I do not think we can change the mentality of Chinese Investors in my remaining years.

 DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘旗舰资本’?Where can we get more information about Admirals Capital?

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