Lobster-themed Buffet at The Shangri-La, Guangzhou

Wok Too Café will launch a creative lobster-themed dinner buffet at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou from 1 June to 31 August 2017. Nothing says indulgence better than a lobster buffet. This generous three-month summer offer, on top of the unlimited seafood buffet, will undoubtedly, satisfy the diners’ craving for prime Boston lobster presented in the styles of well-known cuisines around the globe.

The café’s 20 live-action food stations will showcase lobster cooked in a variety of methods, from the simplest chilled lobster to a sophisticated Indian tandoori grill and perhaps a more adventurous Lobster Ice Cream. With an innovative mix and match, one can effortlessly create one’s own lobster feast to cater for appetite, as well as the mood of the day.

The Top Three Creative Lobster Delicacies
Gilled Lobster with Golden Sand Sauce
This is a modern twist of Grilled Lobster in Cantonese cuisine. The secret lies in the chef’s own innovation in the golden sand sauce. The major ingredient is the crushed salty egg yolk and vegetable oil. The egg yolk gives the sauce a golden sandy texture and savoury flavour. The chef adds some mayonnaise to create one more layer of creamy texture and sour finishing note to the sauce’s taste. This sauce compliments the natural sweet taste of lobster and is a great start for the main course.

Lobster Golden Sand Sauce 金沙汁焗龙虾
Lobster golden sand sauce 金沙汁焗龙虾

Lobster Tandoori Grill
The key ingredient that enhances this Mumbai-style Grilled Lobster is the aromatic sauce. It has a refreshing ginger and lemon note with a hint of chilli at the end. The mustard oil and garam masala add a sophisticated layer of spiciness to the dish. The café’s unique built-in tandoori oven helps retain the most authentic Indian flavour in this grilled lobster. It goes well with an ice-cold beer and is a wonderful dish to tickle dull palates in hot and humid summer days.

Lobster Tandoori 印式烤龙虾
Lobster tandoori 印式烤龙虾

Lobster Ice Cream
One may liken this Lobster Ice Cream to a solidified Lobster Bisque with a pleasant sweet note. Now, the next question is how to come up with a creative blend using some of the other 19 flavours of ice cream and those add-on ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips and fruits. One may start with some interesting choices, such as ginger and pepper to match this frozen lobster bisque, or try more innovative options of berries and chocolate. With more experiments, diners might just win the next award for the world’s most creative ice cream.

Lobster Pasta 龙虾意粉
Lobster Pasta 龙虾意粉

On top of these three creative signature dishes, Wok Too Café will showcase classic lobster dishes in international cuisines. One of the classic dishes worth mentioning is the Beijing Pancake called Jian Bing Guo Zi (煎饼馃子) in Mandarin. It is a common breakfast wrap with the usual ingredients as pork or sausage and lettuce. Using lobster, such a luxury ingredient, for the wrap shall impress diners’ palate in every possible way.

Lobster-Salad 龙虾沙拉
Lobster-Salad 龙虾沙拉

Another classic is the chilled lobster. To steam and then chill a lobster is probably the most traditional way of serving this gift from the ocean. It is also the easiest way to retain the meat’s natural flavour. With over 15 kinds of chilled seafood and cold cuts rotated throughout the week, it takes no time to design a customised seafood platter with Chilled Lobster as the base.

Lobster Pancake 龙虾煎饼馃子
Lobster Pancake 龙虾煎饼馃子

Wok Too Café will also feature Lobster California Rolls in Japanese sushi style, Lobster Pasta as in Italian cuisine style and Lobster Potato Salad in French cuisine style.

Lobster California Roll 龙虾加洲卷
Lobster California Roll 龙虾加洲卷

The variety of food options is not limited to lobster presented in 8 cooking styles. Along with other hot dishes, cold cuts, sushi, cheese board, desserts totalled over 100 kinds in one meal and free flow of selected beer and soft drinks, indulgence is just the start to describe the entire experience.

Lobster Dinner Buffet
Sunday-Thursday RMB418 per person
Friday-Saturday RMB468 per person
*The price above is in RMB and subject to 10% service charge and value-added tax.