The “Macao・Creative City of Gastronomy” work meeting convened online today (25 October). Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) shared with meeting attendees the first monitoring report that will be submitted to the Secretariat of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) next month, besides delivering an overview of UCCN’s current situation.


The first monitoring report to be submitted next month
Macao was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2017. According to the policies of UCCN, member cities are required to submit their monitoring reports once every four years. Therefore, Macao must complete and submit the monitoring report to the Secretariat of UCCN by the end of November 2021. MGTO has hence solicited from 18 public entities, academic institutions and units their summaries of work progress over the past four years and suggestions on formulation of the future action plan since 8 January 2021.

澳门在2017年获评定为联合国教科文组织 ─ “创意城市美食之都”。按照联合国教科文组织创意城市网络的规定,网络成员必须每四年递交一次报告,因此,澳门须于2021年11月底前完成及向网络秘书处提交报告。为此,旅游局已于今年1月8日开展向18个公共部门、院校及单位收集过往四年工作进度资料及制定未来工作计划的建议。

Monitoring report covers action plan for next four years
According to the guidelines on formulation of monitoring reports 2021 issued by the Secretariat of UCCN in April, the report covers the following aspects: contribution to UCCN as a Creative City; how to actualize the major initiatives proposed in the application submitted in 2017 at the local level as well as through inter-city collaboration, and how these initiatives contribute to implementation of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; the action plan for the next four years (2022 – 2025); initiatives undertaken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for revitalization of the industries.


“Macao・Creative City of Gastronomy” work meeting
Officials of MGTO and relevant governmental entities joined representatives of academia and industry organizations for the “Macao・Creative City of Gastronomy” work meeting 2021 held online today (25 October). MGTO Director and Macao SAR focal point to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, presided over the meeting, which was also attended by MGTO Deputy Directors Cheng Wai Tong and Ricky Hoi, President of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian, President of the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, Fanny Vong, representatives of Municipal Affairs Bureau, Economic and Technological Development Bureau, Labour Affairs Bureau, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau and the Macau University of Science and Technology, as well as industry delegates in the gastronomy and related fields, among others.


During the meeting, MGTO delivered the latest overview of UCCN and presented the draft monitoring report (2017 – 2021) of “Macao·Creative City of Gastronomy”.


Public and private sectors’ dedication to Macao’s development as Creative city of Gastronomy in past four years
Senna Fernandes expressed that over the last four years, MGTO and the related governmental entities, academic institutions and industry operators have been making collaborative endeavors to push forward Macao’s development as a Creative City of Gastronomy, including organizing the “International Gastronomy Forum, Macao”; launching the Macanese Cuisine Database; offering online learning videos, workshops and seminars for industry professionals; weaving gastronomic elements into events and activities while fostering innovative integration between gastronomy and other fields; actively engaging in events organized by UCCN and member cities, among other initiatives. The related governmental entities, academic institutions and industry operators have been striving continuously to enhance different areas of work such as facilities and resources, education and training, events and promotion, making great efforts and contributions to steering Macao’s development as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy towards new progress. During the pandemic, different sectors and parties have kept working on different tasks. She expressed sincerest gratitude to the support of all.


Senna Fernandes pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on different industries in Macao. In response, the SAR Government has adopted various effective measures of pandemic prevention for the catering industry and the area of food safety, as well as an array of supportive measures to bolster tourism and other related industries. The report to be submitted next month will elaborate on the initiatives undertaken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to revitalize the industries. She expressed hope for the trade to raise more suggestions and join hands in fostering preservation, innovation and exchange of Macao’s gastronomic culture, for advancing sustainable development.


At the meeting, officials of various governmental entities and industry delegates reported on their work progress and future work plans on how to advance Macao’s development as a Creative City of Gastronomy, including artistic and cultural activities, workshops, seminars, training and MICE initiatives, etc.  


Macao, China was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy on 1 November 2017 (local time of announcement: 31 October 2017). Following the designation, the SAR Government unfolded a four-year action plan to develop Macao as a Creative City of Gastronomy with vigorous efforts. The “Macao・Creative City of Gastronomy” work meeting is held annually and marks the fourth edition this year.

中国澳门于2017年11月1日(当地时间10月31日)获评定为联合国教科文组织 ─ “创意城市美食之都”,特区政府随即积极开展“澳门‧创意城市美食之都”的四年工作计划。“澳门‧创意城市美食之都”工作会议每年举行一次,今年是第四年举行。