evian® joins forces with Chiara Ferragni and creates a new iconic evian® Limited Edition collection. A decade after the brand’s first fashion design collaboration with Christian Lacroix, 2017 marks a new era for the now iconic evian® Limited Edition series. The brand is bringing a refreshing new look to its latest collection thanks to Chiara Ferragni brand playful attitude.
evian®与Chiara Ferragni合作注入新能量,连手打造全新evian®限量版纪念瓶。适逢evian®首次与Christian Lacroix连手时尚纪念瓶设计迈向10周年之际,2017年标志着evian®限量版系列将踏入全新世纪。 Chiara Ferragni的设计赋予品牌青春活泼的形象,为全新的系列注入崭新色彩。

Her Limited Edition evian® collection designs incorporate the emblematic motif that Chiara has made famous through her own eponymous CHIARA FERRAGNI label. She also adds four exclusive new evian® icons inspired by the brand’s story. These include star-topped mountains representing the French Alps, a bottle-crossed heart, a water-infused star and a droplet of pure evian natural mineral water. Her free-spirited, youthful design embodies the iconic evian® “Live young” state of mind and exudes her own playful sense of fashion.
evian®限量版纪念瓶设计融合了Chiara 个人知名时尚品牌 CHIARA FERRAGNI象征意义的主题。她特意为evian®设计四个独家全新图案,灵感来自品牌的故事,包括代表法国阿尔卑斯山的山脉、纵横瓶身的心形、注满水的星星和纯净的evian®天然矿泉水滴。她的设计自由奔放、青春活泼,充分演译了标志着evian®“活出年轻”的心态,同时散发个人的俏皮时尚感。

“I’m very happy to join evian® family in this new adventure. I love to create something that it’s totally different from what I usually do with my brand, filling with new elements my label imaginary”, says Chiara Ferragni.
Chiara Ferragni表示:“我很高兴加入evian®家庭,期待我们的合作能擦出新火花。我喜欢创作与我个人品牌完全不同的东西,在品牌设计中加入崭新的元素。”

The evian® x CHIARA FERRAGNI Limited Edition bottle designs will be available in two ranges: glass bottles (75cl) and Prestige PET bottles (50cl). The glass bottles will be available in Hong Kong in selected hotels, cafes, restaurants and retailers from mid-November 2017 (suggest retail price: HKD$88). Prestige PET bottles will be available in the first half of 2018. Enquires: (+852) 2662 7127
evian® x CHIARA FERRAGNI限量版纪念瓶有两款包装:玻璃瓶(750毫升)塑料瓶(500毫升)。evian® x CHIARA FERRAGNI限量版玻璃瓶(750毫升),于2017年11月中开始在各大日资超市、五星级酒店及高级食肆有售(建议零售价为HKD$88)。限量版设计的塑料瓶亦陆续于2018年上半年推出,敬请密切留意。查询请致电 (+852) 2662 7127。