The head Dim Sum Chef at the Garden Hotel, a master of Cantonese cuisine carrying the legacy of over 30 years of Dim Sum recipes, presents the local Canton delicacy handcrafted the traditional way at its fine dining restaurants. Yum Cha, an ancient culinary tradition of morning or afternoon tea while savoring dim sum is still popular as you stroll across city streets. Guangzhou, being the gourmet capital – our Chefs have imbibed the Dim Sum recipes from generations and perfected the art of creating exquisite Dim Sums with authentic flavor and taste in every morsel of Dim Sum you savor. They add a finesse in presentation and bring the contemporary approach to flavor combinations and ingredients and present more than 40 varieties of Dim Sum delights.

Laiwan Market, one of authentic Cantonese Cuisine restaurant in Guangzhou offers the finest choice of Dim Sums in a traditional Tea House set-up. The ambience takes you back in nostalgia of the night scene of the famous Lai Chee Wan market decades ago. It has 10 sampans – flat bottom Chinese wooden boats, as seating area with man-made banyan tree set-up around where one can soak up the atmosphere of old Canton. The bite-sized portions of dumplings are neatly presented in bamboo baskets on traditional carts which go around the restaurant serving the guests not letting them leave the seat, which you often don’t get to see in other restaurants. The menu features, varieties of signature steamed dim sums such as shrimp dumplings, Pork Siu Mai, B.B.Q. Pork buns etc. Other regional delicacies including the ‘Shanghai Style’ Steamed Pork Dumpling and ‘Sichuan Style’ Deep fried diced chicken in Chili are also an add to the vibrant menu. The deep-fried and baked dim sum selection consists of spring rolls with vegetables, baked barbecued pork bun and many more. To conclude the dim sum experience, one can try the desserts selection such as the honeycomb cake and baked Puff with Chestnut.

While Laiwan takes you back to the old canton memories, Hotel’s another fine-dining restaurant Peach Blossom offers elegant and gracious environment where one can enjoy ultimate Cantonese fine dining. The restaurant’s décor features the theme of the Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and has 8 VIP rooms named after the characters in the novel. With beautiful front garden view of lush green lawns and blooming flowers, award-winning classic Cantonese cuisine and gracious service, Peach Blossom is s among the finest Dim Sum and Cantonese cuisine restaurant in the city. Signature includes roasted sliced peking duck, pan-fried premium beef and baked prawn with avocado.

Dim Sum specialties are a true measure of Chinese chef’s culinary skill. For instance, the rice-paper wrapping on a prefect Shrimp dumpling must have at least 13 pleats, be thin and translucent, and yet also be sturdy enough to hold together when the dumpling is picked up with chopsticks. The wrapping must also not stick to the steamer or the other shrimp dumplings. The amount of shrimp within the dumpling should be generous and include a filling of bamboo shoots and pork, and yet still be possible to eat in one bite. Over the years, our Chefs have perfected the technique and bring to you the homemade flavorful and delicious Dim Sums in town. All the dim sum dishes at our fine-dining are made to order thus ensuring that they are fresh from the kitchen and are not pre-prepared.

Discover the abundant assortment of irresistible authentic Dim Sum dishes at our fine dining restaurants and enjoy the true flavor of Canton.

Start your day with traditional Shrimp dumplings, Pork dumplings and other Dim Sum dishes while taking in the beautiful Garden view at the Peach Blossom. Breakfast : 7:30-11:00 | Lunch 11:00-14:30 | Dinner 17:30-22:30

Experience the spirit of old Canton and indulge in over 40 homemade Dim Sum specialties including Siu Mai, BBQ Pork Buns and Honey Comb Cake, many still served on traditional carts, at the Laiwan Market. Enjoy all-you-can-eat Dim Sum for RMB 128 per person, valid till 30th April,2018. 14:00-17:00 | 20:00-23:00

For reservations, please contact 18926258505