At the beginning of the year of 2018, Sri Lanka Tourism is pleased to announce that two road shows will be held in Guangzhou and Hangzhou after a a series of road shows and press conferences held successfully in China market last year. The aim is to strength the brand presence of Sri Lanka Tourism in China market.

Over the last few years, Sri Lanka has recorded an unprecedented number of Chinese tourists in their arrivals figures, total tourist arrivals from China to Sri Lanka have grown from 128,166 visitors in 2014 to 268952 visitors in 2017. In order to reach the aim of attracting one million Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka by 2020, Sri Lanka Tourism has made a lot of efforts in China market: organize four road shows in Beijing, Taiyuan, Changsha and Chengdu in November 2017; invite 50 Chinese couples to participate in a mass wedding party in Sri Lanka during December 2017, and President of Sri Lanka gave their the marriage certificates; host the Chinese New Year Fest 2018 in Passikudah during Chinese Spring Festival 2018. Through a series of offline promotion event and digital marketing campaign, Sri Lanka Tourism will continue to concentrate on China market in 2018 to promote the destination Sri Lanka.

Travelling to Sri Lanka for Chinese tourists has never been more convenient. The national carrier, Sri Lankan Airlines well established in the Chinese market over the last 13 years operates daily flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. And China Southern Airlines also began operating direct flights from Guangzhou to Colombo last year.

Sri Lanka Tourism has always paid attention to the Guangzhou market. Other than the road show, Sri Lanka Tourism will also attend the GITF 2018. It is worth mentioning that Sri Lanka Tourism has became the exhibitor of GITF for the sixth consecutive year and appeared as the guest of honor in GITF 2016 together with 32 local companies. It shows the the charm of “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and attracts successfully more Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka by introducing all kinds of tourist products and programs of Sri Lanka tourism to China market.

Consisting of 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites each more unique than the other Sri Lanka offers the discerning Chinese tourist every opportunity to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. The rolling hills and tea country allows the visitor to experience Sri Lanka’s rich tradition in growing tea, and experiencing the lifestyle of tea planters in British colonial times, surrounded by magnificent views and cooler temperatures. The 1340Km of beach that surrounds the island allows tourists to enjoy a range of beach activities such as snorkeling, diving and of course sun bathing.

Tourists can immerse themselves in cultural sites dating back to thousands of years, or visit national parks with a chance of experiencing Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity of flora and fauna ranging from elephants, whales, dolphins, sloth bear and leopard. Tourists will also enjoy meeting the hospitable and friendly Sri Lankan people who will cook you authentic meals of the world famous hoppers and crab curry.

Sri Lanka has won numerous of international tourism awards in recent year, such as ‘Best Leading Adventure Destination in Asia 2017’ at the World Travel Awards, and crowned one of the ‘Best Places to Travel in 2017; by the Rough Guide, UK. Sri Lanka was also rated as ‘20 Destinations that will be especially hot this year’ by Bloomberg, and coastal city Galle home of UNESCO World Heritage site The Galle Fort topped “winter trips of 2017 for the warm weather” awarded by National Geographic Travel.
近年以来,斯里兰卡已斩获多项国际旅游大奖,如荣获2017年世界旅游大奖“亚洲最佳冒险目的地”,被英国Rough Guide系列旅行指南评选为“2017年最佳旅行目的地”,斯里兰卡也同样上榜彭博社发布的“2017年世界20大热门旅行目的地”。此外,早已列入世界遗产名录的加勒老城作为沿海城市,一举问鼎《国家地理》“2017年最佳冬季旅行目的地”。