To celebrate the late spring right before the summer vibe, Vida Rica of Mandarin Oriental, Macau is preparing you with a passionate culinary journey of Spain.

驻居香港的主厨Edgar Sanuy人不仅热情洋溢、活力四射,还才华横溢。他精心准备的菜肴,无论食客是否喜欢或配备了识别西班牙菜的味达,都会一品倾心。
Edgar Sanuy, the enthusiastic, talented and energetic chef based in Hong Kong, is delivering the best of Catalunya and will satisfy foodies with or without an Español-radar taste bud.

Chef Sanuy explained that Spanish dining experience is authentic but diverse in flavors of dishes across different regions, even the same cuisine has various recipes. No matter how the recipes and ingredients change, the original remains original as long as you pick the right materials. Sanuy’s belief promises a new gustatory experience that other same kind fails to mimic and creates a modern twist which combines the Spanish traditions and an Asian choice of ingredient and seasoning to ensure both originality and innovation.

主厨精心配选,将自己的得意之作都融进了本次菜单「The Best of Catalunya」里。
The menu “The Best of Catalunya” lists a wide range of hand-pick selections for this Spanish feast.

HOLA, the appetizer, impresses you with no-more-than-three-bite delicacies: a taste of sea can be expected from the blend of the crispy seaweed with oyster leaf; the thinly soft Iberian hams contrast the hardness of tomato bread in terms of the texture; the smashed potato inside the cap-loss duck egg melts instantly as you spoon up into your mouth.

CEVICHE, the editor’s favorite, features a feel of spring in both its tone and taste. The scallop alone with the green sauce elevates character’s flavor itself. It pairing with green apple and raspberries, on the other hand, gives you a feel of fruity freshness and jumpy sourness. It is, for sure, the taste of spring.

万众瞩目的主菜「WHERE IS THE PAELLA」将西班牙烩饭艺术做到极致。邦巴米与鱿鱼粒粒分明,充分吸收了调味后,将色香发挥得恰到好处,十分调动食欲。大虾本身也吸收了调味,若与烩饭共食容易过咸,建议单独食用更美味。
The main course WHERE IS THE PAELLA, as most expected, engages the dynamics between Bomba rice and squid pieces. They collaborate to absorb the seasonings and form the most appropriate texture to delight your appetite. The prawn is better enjoyed alone before it unbalances the just-right salinity.

集万千宠爱于一身的甜点「MAMA, MAS POSTRE」是本次品宴的亮点。奶油泡沫即便经过火烧,却不失云朵般蓬松、入口即化的口感,配上香草雪糕与柠檬汁的中和,甜而不腻,越吃越好吃。雪糕底部暗藏磨碎的蜂巢块,增加整体口感的同时还新添蜜味。虽然总体趋甜,但每一口都在为舌尖按摩,让甜食爱好者难以停下手中举匙的动作。
MAMA, MAS POSTRE, the dessert is also the spotlight. The cream foam is beautifully flamed without losing its fluffy cloud-like texture. With vanilla ice-cream, both the foam and the cream challenge the conventional greasiness thanks to the mediation of lemon seasoning. The scrambled honeycomb, lastly, enriches not only the flavor but the entire mouthfeel. Even the sweetness turns heavier and stronger, you seem reluctant to stop until the last bite becomes a think-before-twice choice.

In Vida Rica Restaurant, an eye-catching glass wall provides guests with scopious views over the South China Sea and Nam Van Lake. The open kitchen, compared to the main dining hall with a clever seating design to offer intimacy, guarantees both privacy and closeness. The sushi bar, surprisingly, turns into an exclusive cocktail shrine to consort the open kitchen with the greatest convenience. 

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“The Culinary Passion of Spain” is ready to showcase its recipe. Reservation for the special twist of Spain at Vida Rica is now available.

Promotion Dates:
19 to 21 April, 19:30

地点 Venue:
Vida Rica Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental, Macau

For reservations, please call Vida Rica Restaurant:
(+853) 8805 8918