Tim Wu-珠海达利安酒屋的店长-Owner, Dalyan Winehouse, Zhuhai.


“The great selection of wines and liquors from all over the world and the familiar atmosphere have made our winehouse into something special”


Dalyan Winehouse is a new wine and liquor store in Jida, Zhuhai, which offers a wide variety of international wines and liquors as well as Chinese tea, snacks and fresh oyster from the Normandy, France.

DB: Why did you choose to open a wine house in Zhuhai and when did it open?

Tim Wu: After working over 10 years in the wine industry, I had this idea to provide our retailers and customers the chance to try alcoholic drinks from all over the world. That’s why I opened this wine house this year in January. But it’s more than a wine house. It also has a bar, where our clients can have a cocktail or where bar keepers can learn how to improve their skills.

DB: Did you have any difficulties at the beginning?

Tim Wu: No, I didn’t have big problems while opening this store. It’s just that we are quite new and not too many people know of us until now.

DB: What kind of wine or liquor do you sell and do your customers have any favorite drinks?

Tim Wu: The range of alcohol the wine house offers is too wide to include everything. In general, we have many kinds of wine, whiskeys, brandies… In total, we have over 400 types of alcohol here and our customers mostly like to drink whiskey or one of our tasty cocktails. Furthermore, I sell traditional Chinese tea, some snacks and original oysters from the Normandy in France.

DB: And where do you get your international alcohol from?

Tim Wu: There are many Chinese agencies who sell international wines and liquors. But I only buy from those who can provide the top quality.

DB: Do international customers join your wine house as well?

Tim Wu: Most of my customers are Chinese who like to have a taste of alcohol from abroad. But we also have some Japanese customers, because we do offer various Japanese alcohols, too.

DB: So tell us, what differs you from other wine houses in Zhuhai?

Tim Wu: On one hand, we provide only products of a high-quality standard. On the other hand, I sell them at a reasonable and competitive price than other stores. But not only has the value-for-money attracted people to enter our wine house, also the familiarity that exists in our store has created a harmonic atmosphere. Customers can have a look at our wide selection and later try some wines and liquors at our bar. In addition, we are known for our fresh oysters, which we serve with lemon and Tabasco sauce.

Introduction of Dalyan




Any wine lover will be infatuated with this loft-style winehouse. A large and wide variety of alcohol is offered for sale here, including brandy, whiskey, Chinese liquor, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, liqueurs, sake, wine, and beer. Dalyan offers more than 500 brands of alcohol, including over 200 different whiskeys.

Tim, the owner of Dalyan, has rich experience in the wholesale liquor business. He guarantees that he sells only genuine liquor. By doing this, Tim earns the trust of bars from all of the Pearl River Delta. Everyday from 6pm to 1am, one can enjoy special liquor from professional bartenders in Dalyan.

As the only one-stop imported liquor in the market, Dalyan offers delivery service to customers. Please call 0756-3362692 or 3361228 for orders.