DB: 请问是什么鼓舞了贵公司参与这次活动? What motivated you to join this European Business in China Awards?

六年前,变压器市场产能过剩,国内竞争对手给我们带来巨大的成本压力,广州西门子变压器有限公司经历了最困难的时期。为了扭转困境,我们实行三大战略:世界级的高压直流换流变压器和交流变压器;从本土走向全球;以及三倍配变业务。6年之后,现在我们的配变业务翻了三倍,我们的收益达到行业上游水平,我们员工离职率非常低。未来一年半,我们的生产线将满负荷运转。 每个人都为我们的努力而骄傲,更重要的是,我们达到了我们可以做到的最好成就,这是我们引以为豪的;也是我们来参加这次颁奖晚会的原因。

Six years ago, the time was dark in our company due to overcapacity in the transformer market and huge costs pressure from local competitors. That’s why we launched the three-pillar strategy to turn it around. This meant ensuring the world class HVDC and AC. Next, it meant going from local to global. We’ve been trying to do more export business and we’ve also been trying to triple DT business. 6 years later now our DT business volume has been able to triple, our earnings reached industry upper range. Our employee turn rate is extremely low. Our production pipeline is full for next 1.5 years. Everybody is so proud of our hard work and more importantly, we’re proud to be achieving the best result we could get. This is why we decided to go for the award.

DB: 被评为最佳表现企业,请问有什么感想要分享的吗? What do you think of your company being awarded as Top Performers?


I think that to get this award is definitely our greatest honor and we are so honored to be here.  As you know, Siemens has been in China for more than one hundred and seventy-two years now. For Siemens Transformer (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd, we’re talking about around 21 years and in terms of this industry, we’re quite old already. I think that everybody should be proud of themselves and should be looking forward to an even better future.

DB: 您愿意分享一下贵公司未来在中国广州的发展目标与规划吗? Would you like to share the future plan of company in Guangzhou?


We recently reached an agreement with local Guangzhou governments. We want to try and grow our DT Transformer business by investing a new digital DT factory in Guangzhou. Now, we are finalizing the location with the local government.  Hopefully, this new investment will raise the bar in terms of our presence and will contribute more to the local economy and society. We want to employ more people and continue to expand the business.

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