Jam-惠州灵魂餐室店长-Owner, Soul Kitchen, Huizhou.
DB:你是什么时候有了在惠州开咖啡室的想法?When did you come up with the idea of opening a cafe in Huizhou?
Fine Production from ‘Soul Kitchen’

在当甜品学徒一年后开始有这个想法,但当时只是脑中一个很模糊的画面。直到2013年,好朋友Ores和King跟我说他们找到了一个地方,并说服了Uyang(现女友),从福建辞去工作来惠州一起建立一个有趣的空间。 同年10月1日,我们四个人完成最初的在11楼天台上的Soul Kitchen。2014年的春节,因为得不到相关单位许可,很遗憾地把最初的天台Soul Kitchen关闭了。我和Uyang决定离开惠州一段时间。2015年,我们回到了惠州,Ores和King各自有自己的发展,而我和Uyang就找到现在经营的这个地方,重开Soul Kitchen。
I came up with a blurry idea when I was a bakery apprentice. Until 2013, my best friends Ores and King told me that they found a very good venue for this and so we persuaded Uyang (my current girlfriend) to join us. Finally, we quitted our jobs in Fujian and came to Huizhou for this interesting business. In the October of the same year, we had our Soul Kitchen loft on the 11th floor. However, with the failure of getting a qualified license, we had to close the loft in 2014. Things were looking up in 2015. As Ores and King had their own business, I and Uyang decided to come back to Huizhou and found the current venue where Soul Kitchen was reborn.

DB:为什么会将它取名为“灵魂餐室”? Why did you name it ‘soul kitchen’?

2013年的中秋节晚上,我们四人基本把11楼天台装修好并打扫干净了,那时已经精疲力尽决定看一部我们每人都看了不下20遍的电影Soul Kitchen,看完决定就用这个名字。
In the mid-autumn festival evening of 2013, we four cleaned up the loft and exhausted as we were, we watched a film called ‘Soul Kitchen’ again, which we actually watched for over 20 times. So we decided to use this name.

DB:我们发现店内的蛋糕点心都是自己纯手工精心制作,请问你从什么时候开始学习烘焙呢?We know all of the cakes and pastries are delicate and made homely. When did you start learning how to bake?

I started from summer 2008.

DB:如果客人初次到此,面对琳瑯满目的点心却无从下手,你会推荐他/她品尝什么?If a customer arrives here but doesn’t know what to order, what would you suggest?

Generally speaking, we don’t do recommendations to our customers, because we put a lot of efforts in making each dessert and each of them is uniquely different from each other. We don’t suggest what to have for our customers unless they have specific requirements.

DB:“灵魂餐室”在惠州算是极受欢迎的咖啡室之一,想必每天都会遇到不同的客人并和他们有一些别样的互动,你能分享其中一个与顾客之间比较有趣的经历吗?We know ‘Soul Kitchen’ is one of the most popular cafes in Huizhou. There must be some interesting interaction between you and the customers. Could you share your favorite one with us?

极受欢迎吗? 对于这点倒是没有太大感觉。我们每天开店的准备工作和出品制作流程都比较繁复。我们希望与客人的交流和互动的方式是希望他(她)在等待我们上餐能注意到音乐和Uyang在店里精心的摆设。曾经有一位女客人看我们太忙了,于是主动帮我们洗杯子和餐具,后来我们成了很好的朋友。 其实还有挺多可爱的客人,我们内心都满怀感谢。
Popular? I don’t feel it that way. We have a complicated and busy workflow every day during the opening hours. The best interaction between us and the customers is that we hope our customers can appreciate the decorations in the shop and the music that we prepare for them. There was once a female consumer who voluntarily offered us assistance when she saw us being too busy, and later we became good friends. In fact, there are many lovely customers and we appreciate their supports and understanding.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘灵魂餐室’?Where can we get more information about Soul Kitchen?

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