Victoria Liu - 广州洛奇先生餐吧市场部经理 -Marketing Manager, MR.ROCKY, Guangzhou.
DB: 太古仓是广州荟萃酒吧餐馆的热门地点之一,选址于此的洛奇先生餐吧能如何受益?T.G.C is one of the main areas for bars and restaurants in Guangzhou. How does this benefit MR.ROCKY?

太古仓周边的居住人比较多,当然不可以忽视的是MR.ROCKY的出品口味非常好,适合大众的西餐口味习惯,同时我们的价格相对性价比非常高,分量足,顾客吃的也开心, 同时不仅是美食,我们每晚都有外籍乐队表演,不同时间段的斗牛,飞镖,台球,喝啤酒互动活动。大家在这里不仅享受的是美食,是一种愉快的氛围。
There are many people living around T.G.C, and I think this benefits MR.ROCKY a lot. But of course the food and drinks in Mr. Rocky are great and they cater public’s tastes. Besides, the price of the food and drinks here are reasonable and they are well-served. We have live band music every night, and all sorts of entertainments such as darts, billiards and beer interactions are provided. So customers can not only enjoy the food and drinks here, but also a fun and amazing atmosphere.

DB:说出三个能让洛奇先生餐吧在太古仓别树一帜的特点。Name three things that make ‘MR.ROCKY’ different from the others in T.G.C.

Firstly, we have a very distinctive style, which is ‘American West Cowboys’. You can find it in our food, dining environment or even in our staff’s costumes. Secondly, our cuisines enjoy a wide popularity and cost reasonably. Lastly, our diners enjoy more than just food and drinks, but a delightful atmosphere we offer.

DB:你在经营洛奇先生餐吧时最喜欢工作哪个部分?What is your favourite part of running ‘MR.ROCKY’?

I love it when I see customers’ satisfied smiles. People have good food and great time here. We keep a good relationship with old friends and even make new ones when running our business. We try our best to make each detail perfect and we do it for our customers.

DB:如果给你一次重新选择的机会,你会坚持现在的选择还是投身于跟现在不一样的事业?If given the chance to start all over again, is there anything that you would do differently?

If I had the chance again, I would start my business earlier and so I would have much more time to run it, see it grow and make more achievements and progress.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘洛奇先生餐吧’?Where can we get more information about ‘MR.ROCKY’?

微信公众号 WeChat Account:MRROCKYBAR