Internship Highlights:

>> Acquire an all-round experience in the public relations field, from event planning, operations, branding, social media and more!  

>> Join real projects, meet real clients, face real challenges

>> Improve your people and communication skills 

>> Boost your confidence and creativity

>> Work in a relax and pleasant environment

>> NO work on weekends and national holidays 


>> 从活动策划、运营、品牌推广、社交媒体等各方面获得全方位的公关经验!

>> 参与真正的项目运作,面对真实的客户与挑战

>> 提高你的人际交往能力和沟通能力

>> 轻松愉悦的工作氛围

>> 周末双休、享受国家法定节假日

Intern Profile: 

>> Year 4 students graduating in June 2022

>> All majors are welcome but with a preference for Business English, Marketing or Journalism

>> Outgoing, proactive and creative

>> Good Chinese writing skills

>> Good photo skills is a plus

>> Good command of spoken English 

>> Available at least 3 days per week 

>> Guangzhou based is preferred


>> 限2022年6月毕业的大四在读学生

>> 专业不限,商务英语、英语、新闻、市场营销等相关专业优先

>> 性格开朗,积极主动,有创造力

>> 良好的中文写作能力

>> 良好的摄影技巧将会加分

>> 良好的英语口语能力

>> 每周至少工作3个工作日

>> 未来准备在广州发展的学生优先

Job Responsibility:

>> Complete daily work independently, including research, writing, report, brainstorm, project implementation, etc… 

>> Assist with the events (event planning, purchasing, research, set up, reception, etc… )

>> Cooperate with the marketing plan, participate in the planning and implementation of the dissemination of press releases and materials

>> Liaise between our clients and our creative team

>> Operate social media, such as Wechat official accounts and Little Red Book







关于我们 Abous Us: 

San Jiao Ling is a PR agency based in Guangzhou. We provide our prestigious clients with high level events and press campaigns with KOLs and mainstream media. We also produce creative content for them such as videos, brochures, visual identity etc… Our office is in the LN Garden Hotel and some of our team members are based in France, England, Macau and Zhuhai.


Have a look at our presentation and portfolio:

Apply now!

To apply, please contact JJ on WeChat (jay-jay-zh), send him your resume and answer the following questions: 

1/ When can you start the internship? 

2/ How many days per week are you available? Which days? 

3/ When do you plan to graduate (month and year)? 

4/ What are your plans after you graduate?

如果您感兴趣,请联系JJ(微信:jay-jay-zh ),发送个人简历,并回答以下问题:

1/ 你可以开始实习的时间

2/ 你每周可以工作的天数和具体工作日

3/ 你的毕业时间(月、年)

4/ 你毕业后的规划