Regardless of which country you are from or whether you are a professional or amateur film maker, as long as you are under the age of 45 and currently live in Guangdong, you are invited to send your short videos on the theme of “Home” to the Second Cross-Straits Youth Creative Short Film Contest, to stand a chance of winning a serious cash prize, of up to CNY 20,000.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Enormous changes have taken place in China over the past 70 years. With more and more expats from all over the world coming to China, we want to know: What does your hometown look like? What novel things you have witnessed in Guangdong? What stories would you like to share with your friends back home? Submit your 20-180 seconds short story to the Second Cross-Straits Youth Creative Short Film Contest to win big cash prizes.

Preliminary Round
For the top five winners:
1. Tickets for the final in Guangzhou (including round-trip transportation, accommodation and expenses);
2. CNY 1,000 or equivalent prize

For the five winners of Creative Short Film Award:
CNY 1,000 or equivalent prize

For the five winners of Popular Short Film Award:
(to be determined by network voting).
CNY 500 or equivalent prize

One First Prize Award Winner:
CNY 20,000 prize provided by sponsor;

One Second Prize Award Winner:
CNY 15,000 prize provided by sponsor;

One Third Prize Award Winner:
CNY 10,000 prize provided by sponsor;

Seven Excellence Award Winners:
CNY 3,000 prize provided by sponsor;
Several Popular Award Winners (to be determined by network voting).

 Who can submit 
Interested participants under the age of 45 and currently live in Guangdong
(No limit on nationality)

 Theme of the contest 

 How to join 
1. Filmed with cell phone, DV, camera or other professional equipment;
2. Entries should be 20-180 seconds in duration;
3. Entries can be vertical or horizontal orientation, and each file should not exceed 100MB. All videos should be MP4 format with subtitles and resolution more than 720p.
4. The submission deadline for Guangdong participants is 22nd April, 2019. Please send your videos to, and name your email and video: Creative Short Film Contest+2019+ (title of video);
5. Once you have submitted your entry and completed registration, it is understood that you have given your consent to the public broadcast of your entry.
6. Each team should be composed of no more than three individuals, submit only one entry, and are eligible to win only one award in the Preliminary Round.
7. If any of the top five winners selected from the Preliminary can’t take part in the Final in Guangzhou, participants ranking after them will fill the vacancies in respective order.
8. Consulting Wechat : ID: Fera110; Official Weibo: “粤来粤有趣两岸青年创意短片大赛”。

Scan for more info
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The contest takes place in two phases from December, 2018 to May, 2019.
First Phase: Preliminary (December, 2018 to May, 2019)
Submission deadline: 22nd April, 2019
On 5th May, 2019, ten short films will be selected from entries submitted by Guangdong participants, five of which will be the top five winning works for the final, and the other five will win the Creative Short Film Award. Several Popular Award Winners will be selected as well.
Second Phase: Final (15th – 17th May, 2018)
The top five winners from Guangdong will join the top five winners from Taiwan in the final in Guangzhou. Ten teams will draw lots to decide their topics for the final, and then conduct their three-day-two-night filming session. The final selection will be made on 18th May, 2019.

 Hosts and organizers 
With the guidance of the Guangdong International Culture Association, Guangdong Province Cross-Strait Exchange Promotion Association, and Guangdong Youth Federation
Hosts:, Nanfang Plus App, United Daily News Group;
Co-organizers: Youth TV& film Base of Guangdong;
Sponsor: China Airlines