Hey, so did you know that we’re only seven days away from the HERE! rooftop party on June 30?

We have been talking about how great this event will be, with all of our exciting elements such as entertainment and games, awesome food and drinks etc. Today, we will take a practical approach and get you more involved to ensure you are ready for a weekend of fun. Here are 9 things you can do to get ready.




BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE! Secure your seat for the shuttle bus and room at Hard Rock Hotel. That’s a tip for all. Scroll all the way to the bottom and scan the QR code to reserve your spot.



Since we will provide fabulous prizes during games at the pool party, why not get practicing? Games will include scooping water and filling a bucket as fast as possible, so be ready to be fast! Toss and catch water balloons without popping them, so get testing your hand-eye coordination. See what prizes we offer:


One night stay in a Delux King Room at Hard Rock Hotel
Marshall Headphones
F&B voucher (¥500)
Scroll down to see more prizes

Undeniably, we all know that a pool party means showing a bit of skin. Are you wanting to turn that beer belly into hot abs? Follow these tips and be pool-ready.



If you are a hardboiled type, follow these tips and you can develop those razor-sharp abs you always wanted.



If you’re not really the exercise type, another quick fix is to buy some waterproof contouring cosmetics and master your sculpture. Your body is a temple!



On top of that, a proper diet is essential in building a lean physique. On hot summer days, nothing is better than a serving of salad, cool and fresh, low in calories, high in protein. You can find many good salad restaurants around Dongguan or you can make it at home.



Remember to drink a lot of water to increase the metabolism and don’t drink Coke or beer (save your beer cravings for the pool party).



Don’t forget to invest in a cool looking swimsuit. You can easily find tons of different styles at reasonable prices on Taobao. And it usually takes no more than three days to deliver to your door.



While you are shopping online for a swimsuit,  you may as well treat yourself to some stylish accessories and add some glamour to the party. Cool sunglasses, a wide-rimmed hat or some new sandals will do the job. Oh, and don’t forget sunscreen.



For those worrying about burning in the sun or tanning their pale skin, we have just the thing. A face-kini!



June 30, at Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen. Be there or be square!


All Prizes:

1. One night stay in a Deluxe King room at Hard Rock Hotel (¥850)
2. Hrd Rock F&B voucher (¥500)
3. Hard Rock t-shirts (¥288 each)
4. Marshall Headphone (¥949)
5. Sudio true wireless headphone (¥749)
6. Urban-ears headphone (¥499)
7. VAGNBYS wine opener (¥199)

You can also buy the following at very attractive prices:

1. Marshall Stanmore speaker ¥2600 ( Original Price | 原价¥3999)
2. Kiburn bundle set ¥2020 ( Original Price | 原价¥4298)
3. Stockwell bundle set ¥1260 ( Original Price | 原价¥2914)



  • VIP Entry | One Guest – 150 RMB in advance / 200 RMB upon entry
  • VIP Entry + Deluxe Room | Two Guests – 1050 RMB
  • VIP Entry + Deluxe Room + Sunday Brunch | Two Guests – 1300 RMB


  • Parents need to buy VIP entry ticket for kids over 1.2 meters.
  • Two kids can stay in the room with parents at no extra charge.
  • After purchasing tickets, refunds are not available.
  • Advance ticket sales will end at midnight on June 29th (150 RMB in advance / 200 RMB upon entry).

To reserve your ticket and get more details, extract this QR code:



  • VIP 入场券 | 单人 – 提前购¥ 150 / 现场价¥ 200
  • VIP 入场券 + 豪华双人房 | 双人 – ¥ 1050
  • VIP 入场券 + 豪华双人房 + 周日早午餐 | 双人 – ¥ 1300


  • 身高超过1.2米的儿童需另购VIP入场券。
  • 家长可携带两名儿童同住,无需另付房费。
  • 购票后不能申请退款。
  • 6月29日23:59将停止售票(提前购¥ 150 / 现场价¥ 200)。



* Choose your shuttle when you book your ticket. 
Dongguan to Shenzhen
• 1 pm and 4 pm on Saturday, June 30, leaves from B Quarter (HERE! Office, No.72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng)

 Shenzhen to Dongguan
• 10 pm on Saturday, June 30, leaves from Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen
• 3 pm on Sunday, July 1, leaves from Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

* 购票结账时请预定合适的车次。
• 下午1点和4点,从B Quarter(东城区愉景步行街72号铺1楼)出发

• 周六晚10点和周日下午3点


  • You can pick up your wristband and vouchers at B Quarter if you plan to take a shuttle bus. If you decide to drive or take a didi, you can pick them up at the party.
  • Advance ticket sales will end at midnight on June 29. Take action fast!
  • 如果你要坐统一大巴,可以去B Quarter领取入场腕带和饮品券。如果自驾,可以在活动前台领取。
  • 入场券将在6月29日23:59结束售票,赶紧行动!


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