On the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of the opening of Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan, Café Marco will grandly introduce buffet dinner of “Alaska Deep Sea Feast” and other surprises of all-you-can-eat to the public from May 1 to 20!

Expensive ingredients and all-you-can-eat buffet are two highlights of the buffet dinner that should not be missed:

Selective certified Alaska deep sea products, including expensive Alaskan snow crab, king crab and codfish, which come from the pure deep sea of Alaska, are all natural breeding, low fat, delicate, chewy, and with unique and excellent taste!

You can eat not only the expensive Alaskan seafood, but also Boston lobster, abalone, salmon and so on, all at your will!! Of course, the buffet dinner certainly goes beyond that. Besides cold and raw seafood, we also provide warm and steamed foods. Freshly fried Alaskan scallops, crispy Malaysian yellow eel, steamed oyster, garlic vermicelli steamed scallop, steamed abalone and so on, all these heartwarming delicacies will take you to experience another realm of seafood!

The original price of the buffet dinner was CNY 308 per person. Now you only need to spend CNY 238 per person during the promotion period to enjoy all expensive seafood at one time! Extraordinary delicious seafood stimulates your stomach and taste bud! Reservation hotline 0757-82501888. It is more convenient to buy through official WeChat mall “MarcoPoloFoshan”.