雅高集团宣布索菲特品牌将亮相湖南 | Accor Announces a New Sofitel Destination in the Heart of Hunan Province
雅高集团宣布索菲特品牌将亮相湖南 | Accor Announces a New Sofitel Destination in the Heart of Hunan Province

In a recent release, Accor announces that Sofitel will be the first international luxury hospitality brand to arrive in Xiangtan, a destination city in central China’s Hunan Province. The signing of this latest Sofitel Hotel in Xiangtan is another milestone associated with Ningbang Group, which are also the owners of the Sofitel and Novotel Hotels in Hunan’s tourist capital, Zhangjiajie, signed just last September. The Sofitel Xiangtan Hotel is owned by Ningbang Ligao Real Estate, a joint venture between Ningbang Group and Redco Group.

Sofitel Xiangtan’s strategic location in the central business district close to transport, commercial and shopping zones as well as its connection to the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan tri-city cluster make it a highly desirable address. The city government is upgrading the infrastructure focusing on strengthening the transport network and increasing the use of technology, innovation and sustainability in order to create a cutting-edge business environment. As a new luxury benchmark for the city, Sofitel Xiangtan Hotel will contribute to the accelerated development of the regional integration by enhancing the city’s taste, offering a high-end luxury hotel experience, a destination for business travel, a center for events and conferences, and a dining scene that will cater to local, regional and international clientele.

Also a base for tourism in Central Hunan Province, leisure guests will find the Sofitel Xiangtan Hotel a convenient location from which to explore. Attractions include the birthplace of Chairman Mao Zedong and the natural landscapes in Shaoshan and Dongtai Mountain parks, to name a few.

Gary Rosen, Chief Executive Officer with Accor Greater China states, “Guests across China embrace the French style and elegance that Sofitel provides and the brand’s rapid growth throughout Greater China in key cities is testament to this allure. Sofitel continues to be a differentiated brand in China and Accor is thrilled to have it at the forefront of Xiangtan’s development in partnership with Ningbang group, instilling a French touch to the culturally rich city of Xiangtan.”

湘潭索菲特酒店将成为高端地产综合体的一部分,这一综合体还包括高端住宅区、豪华商场以及商业空间。湘潭索菲特酒店将提供 300 间客房及套房、4 家餐厅和酒吧、包括Sofitel Fitness健身中心和室内游泳池在内的康体设施,还设有宽敞的宴会厅、会议室以及Club Millésime索菲特俱乐部——这一索菲特品牌的标志性行政酒廊为注重隐私、寻求专属和放松空间的宾客提供了一个现代精致的氛围。
Sofitel Xiangtan will be part of a high-end real estate complex which also includes a premium residential compound as well as luxury shopping and commercial space. The Sofitel Xiangtan Hotel will feature 300 guestrooms and suites, four restaurants and bars, wellness facilities including a Sofitel Fitness and indoor swimming pool, events facilities including a spacious ballroom and meeting rooms as well as a Sofitel Club Millésime, the signature Sofitel executive lounge featuring a contemporary, sophisticated environment for guests who require the utmost in privacy, exclusivity and relaxation.

“Accor and Sofitel are the perfect hospitality accompaniment to our luxury residential and commercial development in Xiangtan. Adding Sofitel to the high-end zone brings cachet to the development and elevates expectations for this vanguard project. We are confident that working with Accor to add Sofitel Hotel to the development ushers in the international luxury experience to travelers and locals in Xiangtan,” comments He Jinsong, Chairman of Ningbang Group.