很高兴向您介绍凯文,中国首屈一指的单口相声演员。Proud to introduce you to Kevin, the first stand-up comedian in China.
请问是什么激励您加入单口相声行业?What inspired you to go into stand-up?

我曾经是电子行业的工程师,但是我个人觉得机械工程很无聊 – 我想做一些比较个人化的工作。 2004年,我来到深圳想要换工作,但我已经签订了三年的合同。为了补偿,我利用了业余时间,做了公开演讲,写了电影,组成了一个乐队。 2006年,我为志同道合的创意人成立了一个团体叫做叫“想象力”,2009年,我们决定开创自己的事业。一个项目是为一家公司做一个表演,他们要求单口相声。我发现我们是中国第一个单口相声小组,所以我们开始学习它。我去香港学习单口相声,从纽约的一个叫做“Takeout Comedy”的小组学习。很不幸,当时我太忙而无法成为一名喜剧演员,但是在2012年,我的团队解散了,我决定要成为一个喜剧演员 – 因为我想表演
I used to be an engineer working in the electronic industry but I personally found it boring working with machinery – I wanted to do something more personal. In 2004, I came to Shenzhen wanting to change my job but I was committed to a three year contract. To compensate, I made use of my spare time and did public speaking, wrote movies and started a band. In 2006, I founded a team of like-minded creative people called “Imagination” and in 2009 we decided to start our own business. One project was to do a show for a company and they requested stand-up comedy. I discovered that we were the first stand-up comedy group in China and so we ran with it. I went to Hong Kong to learn stand-up comedy and learnt from a group called “Takeout Comedy” from New York. I was unfortunately too busy at the time to be a comedian but in 2012 my team went our separate ways and I decided I wanted to be a comedian – I wanted to perform.

请问什么是Farsome,什么时候开设它的?What is Farsome and when did you start it up?

Farsome started in 2009 and it is essentially an organisation of all things creative. We create comedy, drama and even movies. Nowadays it is focused on show business. We work on improving presentation skills to prepare people for shows. The way I teach presentation skills is unique. It combines a wide range of creative aspects to train people to communicate and speak to their best ability.

你对Farsome的未来有什么希望? What are your hopes for the future of Farsome?

最近,farsome摆脱了任何人都可以参加的俱乐部,相反能聚集更多的精英。我现在更加专注于向前推进市场,并开始与更多的公司合作,计划继续以这种方式曝光。最终,长远的目标是制作精美的艺术作品。这可能是通过教授视频或通过电影或喜剧视频 -重要的是我们的作品激起了观众对生命意义的思考。对我来说,这才是最重要的。
Recently, Farsome has moved away from having lots of clubs where anyone can participate and has become more elitist. I am now more focused on moving upward in the market and have started cooperating with more companies and the plan is to continue gaining exposure in this way. Ultimately, the long-term goal is to produce great artwork. This might be through teaching videos or through movies or comedy videos – what is important is that our artwork provokes thought in our audience about the meaning of life. To me, this is what matters.

请问您能给我们一个关于您喜剧生涯的亮点吗?Could you give us a highlight of your comedy career?

多年来我一直做这个,所以有太多的选择!我在香港的“Take Out Comedy”做了一段采访,之后很多人买了票。我觉得这个节目做的很成功,人们笑得也很开心!另外一个亮点是2011年,当时我在深圳做了我的第一场大型演出,观众人数超过300人,人们真的很喜欢。去年我做了我的第一个单人秀,我的团队怀疑我是否准备好了,但我觉得我有一些东西想要告诉人们,所以我走向了舞台。这是一个亮点,因为它非常成功,自那时以来我已经做了很多单人节目。最后,1月份在北京,我与中国一个非常著名的主持人崔永元在600名观众面前表演。当我上台的时候气氛真的很温和,这对我来说是一个很大的亮点。
I have been doing this for years so there are too many to choose from! I did a TV interview in Hong Kong with “Take Out Comedy” and after this we had lots of people buying tickets. I’d say the show was very successful and people laughed a lot! Another highlight was in 2011 when I did my first big show in Shenzhen to an audience of over 300 people and people really loved it. Last year I did my first one-man show and my team were doubtful that I was ready but I felt that I had something I wanted to tell people so I went ahead. This was a highlight because it was very successful and I have done many one-man shows since then. Lastly, I did a show in January in Beijing with a very famous host in China, Cui Yong Yuan, in front of 600 people. The atmosphere really warmed when I went up on stage and this was a big highlight for me.

您能用你最好的笑话结束吗?这是很简单的额。No pressure, but could you finish with your best joke?

When you say best, that brings the pressure! I have a baby joke. I had my baby three years ago and after he came to this world I started to envy him that my wife would always give him a naked massage after his shower and I never had that! So, I said to my wife “I want a massage also!” My wife said yes and now I’m the one that has to massage the baby!

If you would like to get involved with Farsome you can reach Kevin on Wechat or on his mobile: 18028777228