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2019年7月4日,中国——自2019年6月20日起,蓝天飞行会员与Le Club AccorHotels雅高乐雅会客户忠诚计划会员将可享受里程+积分双重累计礼遇。出行时选择法航荷航集团与雅高集团的客户,可以凭借此项全新合作伙伴计划同时累计积分与里程。
From 20th June 2019, members of the Flying Blue and Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programs will be able to enjoy Miles+Points, an innovative opportunity to earn simultaneously points & miles while traveling with both companies:

• 入住雅高集团旗下酒店,可累计里程;搭乘法航或荷航航班出行,可累计酒店积分
• 更多方式兑换里程与奖励积分
• Earn Miles for your hotel stay and Points for each flight
• Convert Miles and Reward Points for even more ways to redeem

Accor Group and the Air France-KLM Group are strengthening their existing partnership by offering, for the first time in the European travel industry a dual reward scheme to their entire global loyalty customer base.

客户每次搭乘由法航或荷航执飞(包括代码共享)的航班,或入住雅高集团旗下酒店,都将同时累计蓝天飞行里程与Le Club AccorHotels雅高乐雅会会员忠诚计划奖励积分。
Every time our customers travel on a flight marketed and operated by Air France and/or KLM, or stay a night at an Accor hotel, they will now simultaneously earn both Flying Blue Miles and Le Club AccorHotels Reward points.

Earn Miles and Points
选择法航或荷航出行,除累积里程外,还能额外累积酒店积分。飞行消费 1 欧元 = 0.5 酒店积分
0.5 points / € spent on flights (in addition to regular miles accrual)
选择入住雅高酒店,除累积积分外,还能额外累积航空里程。入住消费 1 欧元 = 1 里程
1 mile / € spent on hotel nights (in addition to regular points accrual)
Convert Miles to Points and vice versa
4,000 Flying Blue Miles = 1,000 Reward points
2,000 Reward points=1,000 Flying Blue Miles

为更好享受里程+积分双重累计服务,会员必须在www.flyingblue.com或Le Club AccorHotels网站上注册账号。注册后,客户选择法航或荷航航班出行,或选择参与Le Club AccorHotels雅高乐雅会计划酒店入住,将自动累积蓝天飞行会员计划里程和Le Club AccorHotels雅高乐雅会奖励积分。
To take advantage of the Miles+Points service, members must link their accounts on or on Le Club AccorHotels website. After registering, customers will earn Flying Blue Miles and Le Club AccorHotels Reward Points automatically when flying with Air France and/or KLM or staying in a Le Club AccorHotels participating hotel.

This new, strengthened partnership offers customers more opportunities to earn and redeem. It allows both the Air France-KLM Group and Accor Group to reward their members across more stages of their journey.

“Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is our goal,” said Benjamin Smith, CEO Air France-KLM. “Adding more options to earn and redeem Flying Blue Miles was a key driver for the development of Miles+Points, and we are glad we could develop this together with our partner Accor, for the benefit of our joint customers. We aim to position Flying Blue as a leading airline loyalty programme by continuing to enrich the customer journey at every step.”

雅高集团主席兼首席执行官塞巴斯蒂安·巴赞表示:“法航荷航集团与雅高集团加强双方合作伙伴关系,回馈我们的忠诚会员。这次全球旅游业两大集团的强强联手重新定义了客户忠诚计划的行业规则。雅高集团的客户忠诚计划正在逐步转变为对宾客生活方式的关注,未来 ALL – Accor Live Limitless雅高心悦界这一全新品牌将实现全方位酒店服务策略,超越酒店服务的范畴,延伸至会员的日常生活。此次重要的合作伙伴关系将充分利用两大集团的国际化网络,推动此项承诺的落实。”
Sebastien Bazin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Accor stated: “The partnership between Air France-KLM and Accor has been enhanced for the benefit of our most loyal members. It brings together two formidable players in global tourism and rewrites the rules of loyalty building. The radical transformation of Accor’s lifestyle loyalty program, embodied by the future brand ALL – Accor Live Limitless – will bring to life our “augmented hospitality” strategy and extend beyond mere hospitality and into the day-to-day lives of its members. This major partnership will contribute to realizing this promise, leveraging the international footprint of both Groups.”