DB: What does education mean to you?
Education is a journey that never stops; school is an opportunity for children to grow, both intellectually and as a person. However, learning comes in many forms, and education means more than learning how to multiply or form a sentence. Education is about understanding the world around you; about how to best meet the challenges the world throws at you through experience, trial and error.
DB: If your students were to take one lesson away from your class at the end of your time together, what do you hope that lesson will be?
You can do anything if you try hard.
DB: How does working at CGA compare with your previous experiences teaching?
CGA is a school which has a wonderfully diverse community. I have met an amazing group of students, and parents, from all over the world. Our children show care and attention for each other and have a deep interest in learning. Our campus is also unique, with large classrooms, and open spaces for student work.
Overall, the happiness that is felt throughout the school, from students, teachers and other staff, is what makes this teaching experience stand out.
DB: Not every child is naturally engaged with learning. How do you approach scenarios where, for whatever reason, a child is struggling with your class?
This is a challenge which can be expected in the classroom, as everyone has their own unique way of learning. These scenarios need to be approached in a varied manner. Framing learning objectives in engaging themes or stories can hook a child’s interest, and offering different approaches to meeting objectives can develop greater understanding. This, in addition to a variety of support materials, allows learning to become more accessible to our children.
DB: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Seeing my children work, play and learn together; sharing experiences, and being a part of it all.
When this academic year started, I had a new child in my class. He was upset most days, hindered by his language level and disheartened as a result. Now, three months on, he is confident in class, speaking English with other children and staff in the school, and is excited for class each day. Now he helps others learn, and comforts them when they find tasks hard. This is education.