• Interviewee’s name:  Alessandro Fiorito
  • Interviewee’s position: Head Legal Unit & General Manager

DB: 请问您认为这次能成功获奖的最重要的原因是什么?What do you think is the key element that made you win this award?

In Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) sustainability has been at the core of the manufacturing strategy long before the word became fashionable. We use recycled material in the manufacturing processes, and we design new technologies with end of life recyclability in mind. And we go even a step further by focusing on material efficiency, an often overlooked concept that, when applied consistently, delivers a dramatic reduction of industrial waste. All elements with an impact on manufacturing sustainability, including energy and water usage, are measured and controlled. This creates the basis for a virtuous circle of continuous improvement. 

DB: 作为您所在领域的世界领先公司之一,请问在拓展中国市场的过程中,贵公司遇到了怎样的机遇与调整? As one of the world’s leading companies in your field, what do you think of the opportunities and challenges for you to extend your market in China?

China not only is the biggest automotive market in the world, but is also at the forefront of the trends that are transforming the whole automotive industry. Electrification, autonomous driving, and shared mobility have seen rapid advancement in China in recent years, and these disruptive forces create the fertile ground for new opportunities. For example, the shift from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric motors increases the noise attenuation requirements in the high frequency portion of the audible spectrum. Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) is able to support the EV carmakers thanks to its Hybrid-Acoustics based e-motor encapsulations. Furthermore, the quest for higher driving range is directly linked to the weight of the EV vehicle. Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) with its Ultra-Light product range, is ready to satisfy the market requirements. Finally, electric vehicles require thermal stabilization of their batteries to maximize performance, and Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) possesses extensive know-how in the field to deliver tailor made solutions to its clients. 

A common feature of a rapidly evolving industry is the upward mobility of its workforce, and the retention of skilled employees represents the main challenge in the current business environment. Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) welcomes highly ambitious employees, and offers exciting career development opportunities, domestically and internationally.

DB: 请问可以分享一下贵公司在研究开发新技术上做了怎样的努力吗?以及2021年有什么新的发展目标? Would you like to share what kind of efforts have you put in R&D for innovating new technologies and what are the new goals for 2021?

Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) is fully integrated within the global innovation network of its parent company Autoneum. Through close cooperation with global customers and key suppliers, Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) is able to deploy state of the art manufacturing processes as well as products that meet the requirements of a sustainable supply chain. For example, the recently launched “Autoneum Pure.” label includes technologies that distinguish themselves by an excellent sustainability performance throughout the product life cycle (www.autoneum.com/pure/). All R&D efforts are aimed at delivering the vision 2025: Sustainable Product & Production Processes (www.autoneum.com/corporate-responsibility/environment/).

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