“Residence G is a lifestyle hotel and serviced apartment.”
Interview with Ms. Blandine Cressard, General Manager of Residence G Shenzhen
专访深圳G公寓总经理Blandine Cressard女士

DB: Did you choose Shenzhen or were you appointed here? 当时为什么会选择深圳?还是因为工作的关系被调派来这里?
I had been working with GCP Hospitality (Hotels/Residence G Group) for three years when they informed me that the owner of a big project in Shenzhen wanted me to join and open a Residence G hotel. They knew about my performance at Residence G Hong Kong, which I managed on behalf of GCP Hospitality. For this reason, they hoped to use my expertise on a brand new project. I joined Residence G Shenzhen at the construction stage and was involved in the interior design as well.
首先是基汇酒店管理集团 (G公寓的母公司)告诉我深圳在筹备开发G公寓的项目,想让我去参与跟进。当时我已经在基汇工作了三年,主要负责香港G公寓的运营管理,所以他们很清楚我在这方面的工作能力,希望我可以利用我的专业知识去参与建设这个全新的项目。我在深圳G公寓筹建期间就参与到这里的工作中,同时也参与酒店的室内设计部分。
DB: What attracted you to work in the hospitality industry? 吸引你从事酒店服务行业的原因是什么?
I have a Master’s Degree in Trilingual Translation and an additional Master’s Degree in International Business Trade. I wanted to use my skills in my “dream job”, which is one that would allow me to discover the world, live and work with people, hear their stories and understand their culture. Consequently, the hospitality industry came to mind. Hence my decision to apply for ACCOR, an international hotel chain with properties all over the world. The two co-founders hold a philosophy that practices training and nurturing people to become future managers. I embarked on my international journey in 1991 in West Africa, Ghana, and I have been traveling among the four continents ever since. China is the 10th country that I have lived in.
DB: What is your working relationship with the hotel owner like? 您们和酒店业主之间是一种什么样的工作关系?
My relationship with Residence G Shenzhen’s owners is based on mutual trust and respect. I highly value working with them and I can discuss any topic. They are very interested in the team and in the business in a very genuine way. They certainly have expectations in terms of financial results and I am working with the team to achieve them. At any time, I can sit with them and disclose any issues there may be, and we will immediately come up with a solution. They understand the importance of investing in the maintenance of high quality products and services to satisfy customers.
我们与深圳G公寓业主之间的关系是建立在双方互相信任和尊重的基础上。我非常高兴能与他们一起工作。我可以跟他们一起讨论任何问题,他们也确实非常真诚地想了解我们的团队和经营情况。当然,他们会对我们的经济效益有所期待,我也会和我的团队竭尽所能去实现他们的期望。不管什么时候,我都可以跟他们坐下来好好谈谈我们遇到的问题,然后马上一起去找解决方案。他们非常明白要满足客户的需求,就需要有投入以获得高质量的产品和服务 。
DB: What is the purpose of Residence G? 深圳G公寓的定位是什么?
Residence G is a 5-star hotel and serviced apartment.
DB: What differentiates Residence G from other hotels in Shenzhen? 您觉得G公寓和深圳其他酒店有什么不同?
Residence G is different from other properties in its approach to hospitality. Residence G is a lifestyle hotel and serviced apartment. We give a personalised service to our guests, whether they are coming for a few days or living here for a year or more. I always strive to meet all residents personally when they come to visit and try to understand their needs. Subsequently, the apartment they choose will have a personalised touch, so they can feel at home away from home.When someone joins the team at Residence G, it is important that they understand that customer care is one of the most important core values. We are all in it together at G community, from the management and the team to the guests and residents. We have regular gatherings to help the residents get to know each other and enjoy community time in their very hectic expat life. The events include a Christmas Party, International Day @ G, Brunch, BBQ and many more.
DB: Can you share with our readers some upcoming promotions/activities that are going to be held at Residence G? 您可以跟我们的读者分享一下G公寓最近有什么促销活动?
We have Liberty Brunch @G during weekends and public holidays. Starting 15th November, we organize Outdoor Movie @G every Thursday at Terrace. At Club House, our fine-dining restaurant, we currently have an offer with Oyster, perfect to accompny our Happy Hour promotion. It is also worth mentioning the high-quality events we are organizing for the second year running. One of them is a Chef’s Dinner with six hands culinary experience on 29th November.
DB: You have recently joined the Hotelier Award 2018. Can you tell us some more about it? 您最近参加了Hotelier奖项的角逐。您可以告诉我们相关的一些信息吗?
Hotelier Award is an International award in recognition of talents in hospitality across all departments. In 2018, I was very honored to be chosen among 50 general managers in the eight finalists for the Best General Manager Greater China. I was in fact the only female. After the second round and a face to face interview with the six judges, I was selected as one of the top three General Managers of the year.
The journey would not have been successful without the G Team. I thank them very much for their hard work, dedication and trust in my ability to guide them to be successful hotel professionals. They deserve all the credit for the work they do every day and the passion they put into satisfying our guests. I could not have achieved the results and built Residence G’s reputation without the team and the owners’ support.