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With a market presence in over 110 countries and offices around the world, Boston Scientific is a world leader in the medical technology industry. Boston Scientific was founded in the United States during 1979, and since then has focused on R&D, production and global marketing of minimal invasive therapies. Coming to China in 1997, Boston Scientific has expanded its presence from a 10-person office to hundreds more employees across China. As they continue to grow they have never lost sight of their mission, which is their dedication to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.


Boston Scientific China’s Institute for Advancing Science is located in their Shanghai, China headquarters. Here, physicians from around Asia come to learn about and practice with Boston Scientific’s newest devices. Physicians can practice on life-like models and familiarize themselves with new devices and technologies, such as new interactive imaging software. This is all during highly planned learning sessions inside of Boston Scientific’s main office, using their state-of-the-art educational facilities. Guided by President of North Asia, Mr. Warren Wang for the past five years, Boston Scientific has performed incredibly well and now looks to the rest of China for future growth, and that growth is happening fast.


In Beijing, Boston Scientific and Tsinghua University will soon be opening their collaborative incubator to help Medtech startups. With an office in already Guangzhou, Boston Scientific is looking to expand further in the south and west of China and begin integrating tier 2 and 3 cities into their networks. With China’s economy continuing to grow and cities all over China expanding, the need for doctors will only continue to rise. Boston Scientific will be ready to supply these doctors with innovative medical devices, along with providing them opportunities to practice and master these new devices. It will certainly be an exciting time globally for Boston Scientific in the coming years, even more so for Mr. Wang and the rest of the Boston Scientific team in the ever-changing China.

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