Carlos R. Gomez – 深圳CRG建筑师事务所创始人 – Founder and Principal, CRG Architects, Shenzhen.

CRG Architects 是一家在其行业领先的设计公司。公司拥有专业知识和经验丰富的专家,这些行业的佼佼者分别来自于建筑,室内设计,置业顾问和专案管理领域。

DB: Since your master’s degree in 2002 did you think you would travel so far and do this kind of work on such a globalized level, using your skills on such an international scale?

Before finishing my degree in Barcelona I was already interested and curious about the profession in other countries, and different scale of projects, so since then I have been trying to focus on learning from other cultures and expanding my knowledge to better serve my clients wherever they need it.

DB: What makes CRG so successful, the company has accumulated projects in so many regions across the world, what do you think CRG has that makes it work so well?

Based on our experience of different continents our knowledge makes us more efficient, giving our proposals a variety of styles and a range of projects which pleases our customers.

DB: With a company full of many creative minds, how difficult is the process of narrowing down that amalgamation of thoughts into one final idea?

Our creative process belongs to each one of the project directors, who are responsible for leading their respective teams. It is a very democratic process, starting with a brainstorming session and giving voice to all the team components, and finally deciding upon exposure to the concerned directors and managers. When there is no unanimity in the decision, I do reserve the definitive voice for myself and always think about the best approach for our customers.

DB: Why China? What attracted the business to set up a base here, and since being here have you discovered anything new about the architecture and design process in the country?

What attracted us to China from the very beginning was its speed of execution, alongside its freedom of expression and creativity. We have experienced great personal growth here thanks to the mix between our European cultures with the Far East.

DB: Being nominated at the DCIC must have felt like great recognition for you and the company, how did it feel when you won and what did you think about the overall idea of the event bring all these innovative businesses together?

First of all we would like to thank the jury for choosing us to be the winners of this award, I think it has been a great step forward for us in this country. The organisation has been exceptional, it was of the greatest quality and we had a very good experience. Now we hope with time this award can be extended to all China, and who knows if in the not too distant future to all of Asia.