Chris J. Bradshaw & Ryan Chambers - 珠海岛与乐的市场总监 & 音乐总监 - Marketing Director (Chris) & Music Director (Ryan), Zhuhai.
DB:魔法岛音乐节是何时成立的,为什么?When was Magic Island Music Festival (MIMF) founded and why?
CHRIS:MIMF成立于2016年6月10日。当年早些时候,我们的乐队(被称为SYS或Sun Yat Sens)在恋人日活动中被邀请到岛上表演。我们乐队那时候人数不够,成套乐器不足,所以我和Ryan只能演奏一场非电版的音乐。当我们看到岛屿、海滩和舞台,意识到珠海大陆与我们有多亲近时,我们认为这将是举办户外音乐节的好场所。几个月后,我们询问了岛上的运营经理。他表示有兴趣与我们合作,势要将国际音乐,朋友和乐趣带到岛上!
CHRIS: MIMF was founded on the 10th June 2016. Earlier that year our band (known as SYS or the Sun Yat Sens) were invited to the island to perform at a Lovers Day event. All of our band wasn’t available so Ryan and I went to play an acoustic set together instead. When we saw the island, the beach, the stage, and realised how close it was to the Zhuhai mainland, we thought it would make a great venue for a live outdoor music festival. We made enquiries and we got a call a few months later from the operations manager of the island. He expressed his interest in cooperating with us to bring international music, friends and fun to the island!
DB:我们能在魔法岛音乐节看到怎样的乐队和听到这样的音乐?What kind of bands or music can we expect to see and hear at MIMF?

RYAN: Great question! If you come you will get to experience, listen and dance to a wide range of eclectic and original world music, from reggae, rock, pop, punk and psychedelic funk to jazz, hip hop, country and blues. There will be both foreign and Chinese performers, bands, DJs, percussionists and dance shows too. You should see the performers list – It’s completely jammed pack with art, creativity and entertainment, I am so excited!

DB:除了动听的音乐,人们还能在魔法岛音乐节中享受什么?Apart from great music, what else can people enjoy at MIMF?
CHRIS: Well, you, your family or friends can take time out to enjoy the many other benefits that the sub-tropical magic island has to offer. You can swim and sunbathe on the beach and even have a go at some water sports if you feel up to it! There’s a monkey bridge adventure park if you like to go climbing across trees on an obstacle course, or you can take the more relaxed option and take a nice walk around the island on the beautiful coastal path. Amongst the music, fun and games, there will, of course, be a feast of food and drinks (both Chinese and international) being served throughout the day and night including sizzling barbeque dishes, beach cocktails and fresh coconuts.
DB:魔法岛音乐节已经成功举办了数年,期间你们遇到了什么困难?MIMF has been successfully organised for some years. What difficulties have you encountered when holding MIMF?

CHRIS: If you look at most music festivals around the world, it takes at least 3 years or 3 festivals to know if the event is able to be truly successful and established. So, it is early days for us and MIMF but we continue to learn and improve after every one that we organise. Our major difficulties (such as sourcing the best stage and show equipment along with the obvious logistical challenges of bringing people, vendors and performers to an island) our also our greatest opportunities to create a unique and completely original entertainment show and experience. Zhuhai city was created for people to relax, enjoy and be entertained. We feel that the Magic Island Music Festival goes a long way to fulfilling this goal!

DB:接下来的活动将在什么时候举行?能跟我们说一说吗?When are the upcoming events? Could you tell us something about them?

RYAN:下一个魔法岛音乐节将于2017年6月17日星期六 – 星期日的周末举行。届时您可以在岛上的帐篷或酒店房间休息一天。今年我们运行免费的穿梭巴士,无论是深圳、东莞或是广州和中山的朋友都能前来参与,这次你们找不到借口不来了!想了解更多信息,欢迎查看,并预订门票。魔法和音乐是细水长流融合而成的!一起“捣”吧!
RYAN: So the next Magic Island music festival will be held on the weekend of Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th June 2017. You can come for the day or stay over on the island in either a tent or hotel room. This year we are now running FREE shuttle buses to and from the festival from Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhongshan so there is no excuse this time to not get there! Check out for more information and to book your tickets. The magic and music are a brewing. Let’s Dao it!

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘岛与乐’?Where can we get more information about Dao Productions?

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