Scott Baigent & Cameron Wallace - 爱尔兰 ‘8 Degrees Brewing’ 的老板 & 啤酒制造家 - Owner & Brewer, 8 Degrees Brewing.
DB: 你们两个是如何相遇的?当初为什么会决定一起合作?How did you two meet each other and why did you decide to work together?

Scott: 我们2002年初识彼此。当时我们都还年轻,在世界各地旅行,并住在爱尔兰。Cam那时在都柏林正寻找一个室友,然后我就出现并成为了他的舍友。之后,我们去了很多地方,但保持着联系。我们都是啤酒爱好者,而且话很投机!渐渐地,我们意识到自己应该弄一个酿酒厂,用天然优质的原料酿出工艺啤酒。
Scott: We first met back in 2002, when we were both young, traveling around the world and living in Ireland. Cam was looking for a housemate in Dublin, I turned up and that was it. After that, we travelled to many places but stayed in touch. We were both beer-lovers and we had many conversations – over pints! – on this. Gradually, we came to the realisation that we should set up our own microbrewery, making quality craft beers from natural ingredients.

Cam: I think the reason why Scott got the accommodation in 2002 – there were a lot of applicants for his room – was that he had done an epic trip from Ireland to New Zealand without taking a plane and he sounded like a pretty cool guy. We’ve been friends ever since.

DB: 是谁起了“8度工酿啤酒”这个名字?为什么Who came up with the name 8 degrees and why?

Scott: The name is quite a story. It is very much geographically grounded as that line of longitude crosses through the middle of Ireland. We wanted to make everybody in Ireland relate to it when they see or hear the name, because it is not just based on one area. But at the same time, we wanted to have a name that was relevant outside Ireland. For example, if you produce something called Macau Beers and you sell them in Hong Kong, it may not be a great success as people in Hong Kong will see it as a rivalry. Also, we want our name to represent our beers, which best served around 8 degrees centigrade so that you can properly taste them. So there is a synergy between the name and the beer serving temperature. We then came to China and we realised that it was the lucky number 8. I think this is quite a bonus as we haven’t expected such wonderful connection between China and our name.

Cam: I think Scott is being modest because he had the brainwave while looking at the map when he saw the longitude of 8° W crossing Ireland. We were amazed by this discovery and decided to call ourselves 8 Degrees. Probably Scott should take credit for this, though it should really be the gift of nature (laughter). It is more than a catchphrase or a slogan. The name is naturally adventurous and encompasses everything that we are all about. For instance, we use natural, local ingredients and we let the beers evolve naturally. It is a challenge for us to constantly produce sensationally exciting beers while it is also a challenge for consumers to dare be adventurous with something new.

DB: 我们知道你们分别来自澳大利亚和新西兰,然后搬到了爱尔兰。为什么要选择这里呢?We know that you are originally from Australia and New Zealand and that you have moved to Ireland. Isn’t it usually the other way around?

Cam: We were just travelling the world, met two Irish girls and ending up marrying them. Irish girls are very persuasive about things, for example, like where they want to live. I once had a conversation with my wife. She asked if we could move back to Ireland and I replied, “sure, but can I set up a brewery with Scott?” She told me that I could do anything I wanted to as long as we stayed in Ireland. So, that is pretty much the story from my side (laughter).

Scott: I, just like many New-Zealanders and Australians, went travelling to Asia and Europe after finishing my university. I ended up in England first and went to Ireland for a holiday. There I met my wife. Ireland is a very lovely place to live in where there has a very comfortable lifestyle. People are incredibly friendly. I grow up in a countryside in New Zealand and it is very similar to Ireland in terms of the cultural environment, people’s mentalities and values, which greatly appeals to me.

DB: 你认为哪种啤酒特别适合亚洲市场?Which of your beer you think is particularly adapted to the Asian market?

Scott:我觉得工艺啤酒在香港澳门和中国大陆已有一定的名声。人们也意识到原来啤酒是可以那么多元,味道如此之多,比如甜的、涩的、啤酒劲的等。想让人们尝试工艺啤酒,一般都是从清爽易入口的产品开始着手。对于我们来说,“Barefoot”无论在爱尔兰、香港、澳门或世界各地都成功地深入人心。当人们习惯于喝某款特定的啤酒品牌时,你需要让他们尝试一款特别容易入口的啤酒。一旦他们接受了工艺啤酒并不难喝的事实后,他们自然而然地会接触其他工艺啤酒口味。通过IPA,你可以从啤酒花中闻出许多类似水果的香气,而浅爽型让人十分喜欢饮用。我认为“Full Irish IPA”特别适合澳门的爱啤人士,而“Barefoot”则是适合给那些啤酒新手饮用。
Scott: I think people in such cities as Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been introduced to craft beer and realise that beers can have very interesting and varied flavours like sweet, bitter, hoppy. Getting introduced to craft beers usually begins with something refreshing and light-tasting. For us, ‘Barefoot Lager’ achieves that, whether in Ireland or in Hong Kong, Macau and everywhere. When people are used to drinking one particular beer brand, you need to introduce an easy beer for them to embrace. Once people realise that craft beers are not a scary thing and that is something anyone can enjoy, they will be interested in checking our more of our range. With IPAs, you get a lot of citrus fruit aromas from the hops. But the lighter-colored ones tend to be more refreshing to drink. So I think ‘Full Irish IPA’ is going to appeal people in Macau who like beers and ‘Barefoot Lager’ can be a good introduction for people who are tasting craft beers for the first time.

Cam: Climate is another factor. In Macau, where it is humid and hot, it will be nice to have a ‘Barefoot Lager’ with you as it is crisp, spicy and refreshing. The little extra flavour gives it a unique mouthfeel that makes you want to drink one after another.

DB: 你们计划在中国大陆出售自家的啤酒吗?Do you sell or plan to sell in Mainland China?

Scott: We have already supplied our beers to Beijing. Definitely we see a lot of potential in the mainland market. I know that mainland China has gone through a wine revolution where people came to realize the diversity and interests in wines. Our expectation is that craft beers can do the same thing. The population of China is mind-blowing to us, but we do think that Beijing has quite a few craft-beer bars where they are stocking many craft beers from all over the world. Very often, this is how the market starts up and if there are a few niche bars that have particular interests in craft beer, they will take them in and take a hold of them. So this is how we see the great potential in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. We are keen to learn people’s preferences in China so that we know how things are different between various regions and are able to provide what consumers need in the future.

Cam: Unlike other craft-beer providers, who concentrate on the market of the United States, we take a different approach, focusing our efforts on the far-east market. We really see Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China, South Korea and Singapore having a massive market potential. But for the States, there are thousands of craft beers and they don’t need more. However, we do see a lot of opportunities in China. Years ago, China had less access to wine, but now they have more choices all of sudden. This is pretty like the situation of Ireland back in 30 years ago. Initially, there were only red and white wines, now there’s huge diversity – and then they started to brew. This trend will happen again in China, with people wanting more diverse craft beers with different flavours. We want to be there to offer them our beers.

DB: 你们认为澳门“佳酿”酒吧如何?What do you think of Prem1er bar?

Scott: I have to say Niall (Owner) has done a great job setting up a great bar here. It is warm and cosy, you are drawn into comfortable seats, good beers and friendly people behind the bar. If I was living in Macau, even if I wasn’t selling beers into this place, it would be a good venue that I would choose to hang out in as it has everything that you would possibly look for in a bar. I hope people in Macau can see the bar as a good place to bring a friend and hang out.

Cam: It is a great networking place and it is able to present the beers in the best light. The owner, Niall has a lot of contacts and so is able to help spread the word of 8 Degrees. He likes our beers and understands our vision and the passion behind it. He is able to distribute the beers through his networks. It is more of a partnership, and we are here to support him as much as anything else.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘8 Degrees Brewing’?Where can we get more information about 8 Degrees Brewing?

官方网站 Website

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