Eliza Liu
Business Name: 乐必奥学习中心 Nabio Learning Centre


DB:是什么启发您开这一所学习中心?What inspired you to open this Learning Centre?
My initial inspiration came from the many learning centres in Hong Kong as well as the ones in the USA. There are more than 100 learning centres in the United States, and their curriculums influenced me to open a similar centre here, for the students in Guangzhou seeking additional tutoring in order to aid their education. Math and English are two highly important core subjects that are needed within all aspects of life, which is why the Learning Centre focuses on teaching those subjects. However, we also know a number of foreigners in Guangzhou struggle with speaking Mandarin, therefore we also have a Chinese curriculum to cater to their needs. Additionally, I am a mother of two, which is also a contributing factor as to why I wished to open this centre.

DB:学习中心的学员统计情况?What is the demographic of your Learning Centre?
Currently, the demographic leans more towards the younger population, as it ranges from Kindergarten to Year 9. However, the classes in our centre are not based on age, as some of our students may be older than others. Thus, before each student enrolls into our centre, they take an assessment in order for us to accurately place them in the correct class. Our classes are generally not big, as we believe that one on one classes deliver better results, which is our priority. Private one-on-one classes will help to further enrich students’ education, and improve the quality of our classes.

DB: 乐必奥学习中心成立了多久?可以简要介绍一下发展历程?How long has Nabio Learning Centre been established?Could you briefly describe how your Centre has reached where it is today?
The Nabio Learning Centre has been established for five years now, in fact, we recently had our 5th year anniversary last month. We are still quite new, but we’re looking forward to further expansion. During the first year we only had 15 students, which was hard on the company, and to add to that, we had started only with a Mathematics and English program. The English program in particular was quite a challenge, as there was a lot of competition, however after the first year we began to get more referrals and finally started growing as a learning centre. We don’t heavily promote our learning centre, but we do occasionally open booths in schools during certain events. By the third year, we opened a second learning centre in Guangzhou, which is located in Favourview Palace. We did this to make the location of our learning centre more convenient for our customers. After that, we added a Cambridge-English program, as well as a Chinese program to offer more diversity. I can proudly say that we now have a loyal customer base.

DB: 您的学习中心的优势是什么?What makes your Learning Centre different from others?
Firstly, we are a franchisee from DAEKYO Company, whose headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. They created our entire curriculum, which is what differentiates our learning centre from others. Also our courses received approval from very notable organizations, such as universities in America, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the National Council of Teachers in English, which ensures our clients that our program is in fact highly beneficial for our students.
Furthermore, DAEKYO currently has more than 300 centers around the world- ours being one of them. The two centres that I run in Guangzhou are unique in comparison to the other centres under DAEKYO, as they have two specially added courses, one being the Chinese course available for the foreign citizens of Guangzhou, and the other being the Cambridge-English course, which will cater to those students that are following a British Curriculum rather than an American one.

DB: 您如何看乐必奥学习中心的发展前景?What future do you see for this Learning Centre?
I see a very big future for our centre as the majority of the middle class in Guangzhou find it very important for their kids to undertake supplementary English and Math courses. I also believe that the diversity of courses we offers will attract more customers. Moreover, the International market is only getting bigger in Guangzhou, so my hope for the centre population to become parallel with this growth. There is also a demand from customers for additional courses within our centre, which is why I hope that some time in the near future we will be able to teach more languages such as French, German and Spanish.

DB: 我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘乐必奥学习中心’?Where can we find more information about this particular Learning Centre?
Email: eyelevelnabio@gmail.com
网站 Website: www.myeyelevel.com
微信公众号 WeChat: EyelevelgzTelephone: (+86 20) 38279096 (Zhujiang)
(+86 20) 38455783 (Favourview)Location 1: 珠江新城教室 Zhujiang New Town ( 海明路20号力迅上筑西座217-219室 Room 217-219, 20 Haiming Road, Upzone, Zhejiang New Town, Tianhe, Guangzhou )Location 2: 汇景新城教室 Favourview Palace ( 汇景北路74号G50-51商铺 Shop G50-51, No. 74 Huijing Road North, Favourview Palace, Tianhe, Guangzhou )