Howard Stribbell - 澳门国际学校校长 - Head of School, The International School of Macao. 
DB:澳门国际学校的使命是什么?What is the mission of The International School of Macao (TIS)?

In a safe and caring environment, our mission is to develop socially responsible, lifelong learners that are able to problem solve, think critically, and make positive changes in our global community.

DB:澳门国际学校是如何根据不同年龄段安排其课程项目?How does TIS arrange its programs for students from different age groups?

Like virtually all schools, our students are grouped into grades according to their age. At TIS we believe in challenging students to constantly learn and consistently grow. Students are guided and directed throughout their time with us but may make more choices and get involved in more activities, as they get older. In high school, students choose which classes to take very much like in university. All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities but as they get older they have additional opportunities through overseas trips, band programs, theatre productions, student leadership and community outreach.

DB:学生能在澳门国际学校培养哪些素质技能?What qualities can students develop at TIS?

We focus on developing excellence: excellence in academics, excellence in the arts and excellence in athletics. We strive to ensure that all students are successful. With 1:1 laptop, mobile devices, collaboration tools, powered lockers and full WI-FI, our students are developing the 21st Century skills that they need for success in the future.

DB:新校区“北翼”与现校区相比下在哪些方面有显著区别?How does the new campus North Wing differ from the existing one?

The new campus has a focus on creative learning spaces. Kids learning in desks in rows while the teacher lectures from the front is an outdated model. Kids learn in partners, small groups, and individually. They learn from their teachers, from each other and from real world experts. In the North Wing, you will find unique spaces that enable students to learn in a myriad of ways.

DB:除了‘北翼‘校区,TIS有其他发展计划吗? In addition to the North Wing campus, what other upcoming developments is TIS planning?

TIS将继续为世界各地的外国大学准备优秀的生源。此外,我们希望为澳门创造更多意义非凡的价值。我们将加强服务学习计划,为学生提供更多的志愿者机会。我们将邀请世界一流的演讲嘉宾和专家拜访澳门 – 明年我们将举办‘科技‘会议,一场教育性会议和学校领导性的会议。我们将持续加强社区联系,继续让TIS成为社区服务的中心。
TIS will continue to prepare students for foreign universities around the world. In addition, we want to make a greater impact on our local community. We will enhance our service learning programs and provide more volunteer opportunities for our students. We will bring world-class speakers and experts to Macau – next year we are hosting a Tech Conference, an Inclusive Education Conference and a School Leadership Conference. We will continue to enhance our community connections and continue to make TIS a community hub.