Guess what, when we say AmCham knows how to have a ball, we mean it. In this winter, we heated things up with our fantastic Winter Ball on Dec 2 at the radiating LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou.

Make your grand entrance into the Winter Wonderland with a classic carpet walk through the dreamy time tunnel. If you ever feel cold, our giant furry polar bear is always ready to warm you up.

By the time the first platter is on the table, you are already enjoying the lovely company around you. When the groovy singers and dancers take on the stage, don’t shy away from hitting the dance floor, because before you know it, you are either humming or moving to the music.

To kick the Ball up a notch, a raffle draw is definitely a must and has, indeed, become one of the highlights of the night (thank you sponsors!). If you were to pick out your favorite moment of the Ball, don’t feel torn. Let’s just be honest – which isn’t?