On September 7th, the celebration of the 12th ‘Poetry and People – International Poetry Prize’ was held at the Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou to honor winner of the year, German author, poet, translator and editor, Hans Magnus Enzensberger. ‘Poetry and People – International Poetry Prize’ is given by Poetry and People Magazine since 2005 and has since been recognized as one of the few important international poetry prizes. Due to personal reasons, Mr. Enzensberger couldn’t be at the celebration. The prize was delivered to Mr. Enzensberger in Münich, Germany earlier in July by Huang LiHai, founder of Poetry and People Magazine and ‘Poetry and People – International Poetry Prize’.

During the celebration, several poems by Hans Magnus Enzensberger was read to the audience including ‘Chine sische Akrobaten’, ‘Die Große Göttin’, ‘Weittere Gründe dafür, daß die Dichter lügen’ and ‘Ein Traum’. A folk song created by Hong Kong singer songwriter based on the poem ‘Windgriff’ was also performed on stage.

China and Germany both have a long history of literature. Poetry, this special form of the art of language is widely celebrated in both countries. “Unlike paintings or music which need no interpretation for the audience to appreciate, poetry needs to be translated to deliver the content and feeling to people who are from different culture backgrounds.” Said Mr. Martin Fleischer, the recently appointed Consul General at Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou, “I am impressed by how poetry can help people understand each other and get people involved in culture exchange, especially between Germany and China.” Mr. Martin Fleischer also told Delta Bridges that he and his team will continue to bring more German culture and art related events to the city of Guangzhou in the coming years.