Happy Father’s Day!
Dad, to the world you are just one man, but to me you are the world!


L’Escale Western Restaurant 莱斯西餐厅
Fathers dining at buffet dinner are entitled to oneDouble-boiled Chicken with Sea Cucumber.
June 18, 2017年6月18日

Forum Chinese Restaurant 旗峰山酒家
at Sale特价
Double-boiled Pork Kidney and Oyster with Ginger Wine
姜酒生蚝猪腰汤                                                                           ¥ 48/pax位
Iced Okra and Jellyfish with Salmon
雪山秋葵海蜇三文鱼                                                                     ¥ 98
June 12 to 18, 2017年6月12日至18日

Forum Food Street 旗峰山食街
at Sale特价
Double-boiled Pork and Cordyceps Flower Soup
虫草花炖肉汁                                                                              ¥ 9.9/pax位
For the month of June, 2017年6月份